How to apply eyeshadow for stunning eyes on Valentine’s Day

by Chandani Karnik

Quick and easy tips on how to apply eyeshadow for stunning eyes on Valentine’s Day

Whether your Valentine’s night plan is a quiet, romantic dinner or a hip and happening party – you need to amp up your look. For a glittering night out, do up your glittering pearls with the perfect accessory- eye shadow. Polish your eye shadow application skills with us today!

1. Pick the right shade

The right shade of eye shadow is as important as the application. If you are unsure which shade to pick, go for a neutral nude shade with slight shimmer that will brighten up your eyes and make them pop. Also pick up a charcoal shade so you can complement the nude shadow. You could also seek professional help to make your choice.How to apply eyeshadow 01

2. Concealer

Using a concealer under your eyes is an absolute must. Also extend your concealer and bring it up to your eye lid to hide any discoloration if necessary. Creating art with your eye shadow needs a perfect, even canvas and that’s what concealer gives you. Valentine’s Day means a lot of pictures and flash can cause your dark circles to pop up in relief.How to apply eyeshadow 02

3. Prime your eyelids

Who knows what your date has planned? A Valentine’s night together can go on for very long, and your makeup has to survive it! That’s why you need a primer. Applying it on your lids can help your eye shadow stay on for very long. It also stops any creases or wrinkles from becoming visible, giving you a perfect finish.

4. Time for the first shadow

Brush the first shade you have picked for the evening all the way from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corners. Be sure to not go above the crease. The tools that use depend upon your comfort level with them. Some prefer the ring fingers (not index fingers, because there’s lesser pressure in ring fingers), while some go for regular old brushes. Take only a little product at a time and apply it evenly across both your eyelids before you move on to the next step.How to apply eyeshadow 03

5. Complete your look with the second shadow

On any other day, one eyeshadow would have sufficed, but a special Valentine’s plan calls for a special eye make up at least. Once you have ensured that your first shade is blended and set, apply the second (darker) shade along the crease of your eye. Let it be thin as you begin and make it bolder and thicker towards the outer corner of your eye.

6. Highlighter

Once the main show is over, it’s time to bring out the supporting actors. To really draw attention and keep attention on your eyes, apply a highlighting eye shadow along your brow line. Use an angle brush because this step requires precision. Finish off by applying white or silver liner on the inner corner of your eyes to keep your date gazing at you all night.How to apply eyeshadow 04

Perfecting any kind of makeup requires practice. Try out the look that you plan to wear on your special Valentine’s night at least a couple of times before you try to execute it. This way you will be more confident with your tools and products, and be ready to face the most romantic night of the year.

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