Poll Tuesdays #18 – Spring/Summer’15 Beauty Tips

Zuri has compiled a set of 5 questions to understand your personality. Basis the answers you give, we will suggest a few beauty tips that you should try out this Spring/Summer!


Poll Tuesdays





If most of your answers are A’s: You are a classic beauty who is all in for eye makeup. Only this time, get rid of eyeliner or a kajal and instead go for mascara. All you need for summer is a black mascara! A waterproof mascara is a summer necessity because it is smudge-free and isn’t that what you have been looking for to have fun at a pool party. 

If most of your answers are B’s: You are a girly-girl and that defines your personality! Lipstick is the perfect product for spring/summer. Go for a gorgeous shade of M.A.C lip color. Wear your favorite beach hat, get into your pretty swimwear (hot pink) and go get yourself a tan.

If most of your answers are C’s: You believe in simplicity and natural looks. But that doesn’t mean that you are not charming! You impress the crowd with your beautiful aura. So, to enhance it further, go an extra punch when it comes to eye-makeup. Wear a gorgeous eye shadow that will complete your fresh-faced look! Go for a subtle (nude shade but with a bit of shine) for a perfect spring/summer look.

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