7 Latest fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015

by Chandani Karnik

Zuri has compiled a list of 7 latest fashion trends that will rule this year’s Spring/Summer. Check out these comfortable outfits that are bound to make you look confident this season.

The first quarter of the New Year has brought a lot of changes in our world. Some great new directions are being formed and the trends that you probably grew up with are beginning to make comebacks. The overall trend seems to lean more towards comfortable, chic style. Join us as we take a look at the season’s hottest trends.

1. Peter Pan dress: That is a dress which sports a Peter Pan collar. The great thing about a neck like this is that it is appropriate for almost everywhere. You wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing this at work, would you? The high collar enhances your bust, so make sure you pick up your dress in a print or a pattern that can balance out that effect. Tie your hair up in a messy bun or a high ponytail and slip on your flats for the perfect look.Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 012. Yellow is the signal: This spring, the runways have gone crazy with shades of yellow. This is a latest fashion trends. It is a kind of color that works well with the season. Just pick a shade that suits you or mix and match in interesting ways. Pick up one statement yellow piece, like a jacket and throw it on with your basics (blues, whites and blacks). The effect is bound to be stunning. You can choose a shade of yellow that flatters your body type by experimenting with the material. For instance, pick up a dress in chiffon, not cotton if you are trying to hide any bulk.

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 02

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 033. Monochrome is back: When does it ever go, really? Monochrome is one of the eternal trends that we will keep swearing by no matter what the season. This season has brought some interesting ways to wear monochrome though. For that effortlessly chic look, choose printed shorts paired with a pastel spaghetti top and flats. You can also try the shocking-but-in-a-great-way tea length skirt in white, paired with the fitted crop top. The colors may be plain, but the style certainly isn’t! These are literally the latest fashion trends.

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 04

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 054. Invest in culottes: Culottes are HUGE this spring. What are they exactly? They are a long and baggy pair of shorts that look deliciously comfortable and incredibly stylish. This is a purchase you will not regret. What with the Indian summer causing the mercury to set records, culottes will be your go-to item of clothing. Since they are baggy, pair them up with a fun, fitted top and introduce some color or chunky jewelry to keep look fresh and upbeat.

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 06

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 075. Baggy Jeans: It’s time for the curvy gals to celebrate. Jeans are slowly and steadily moving away from the excruciating skinny fit/ straight fit obsession to something both the skinny and the curvy girls can enjoy together.  These loose fitting and super comfy looking jeans, just need the right kind of accessories to make them look chic and classy. Pair them up with a funky blazer or do some DIY stud work to get this fabulous head-turning look. latest-fashion-trends-for-spring-summer-2015-08

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 096. One shoulder: It’s like the return of the early 2000’s around here. One- shoulders are back and with a bang! This cut is exciting after the noodle straps and dullness or sleeves. You can opt for a slinky black one- shoulder top for a classy dinner. Or you can slip into an angular one-shoulder dress for a Saturday night at the local club. Invest in a few tops with a one-shoulder cut so that you can arrive in style, wherever you go.Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 10

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 117. Marsala: Marsala is a deep reddish shade that has taken the fashion world by storm. If you are wondering  which color your next party dress should be? It’s Marsala. That’s also the answer to new lipstick, nail colors, and accessories. This color can be paired up easily with creams, blacks, blues, and mints. No matter what your style- chic, boho or tomboy you need a marsala item in your wardrobe this spring.Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 12

Latest fashion trends for Spring Summer 2015 13Trends keep coming and going. Pick up items that you really like and that fit your overall style. That way, you will be comfortable and confident in your outfit. That’s really all the accessorizing you need!


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