30 Stunning Indian dresses for an Indian bridesmaid

by Chandani Karnik

Friend or a sister getting married? Are you looking for that perfect Indian dress to wear at her wedding? Zuri has compiled a list of 30 stunning Indian dresses for you to choose from.

Whether you are a sister or a BFF, your role as the bridesmaid is not to be underestimated. While you are helping the bride with her choice of clothes and accessories, don’t forget to give your own outfit a serious thought. We have put together a selection of 30 Indian dresses for an Indian bridesmaid, that will definitely inspire you to make a choice.Indian dresses 01

A sari is the epitome of elegance. As you are a part of the whole wedding, elegance of appearance goes without saying. Pick a sari that appears sober but still makes an impact. Playing with bold, solid colors like oranges and neons can help you make all the statement you want without relying on bling. If bold colors are not your thing, you can choose to go really simple and subtle with plain nudes, creams, and whites. The trick is to make your blouse the center of attention. Go for a backless one, or get one that’s embellished enough to make up for the sobriety of your sari. Instead of the usual silk and cotton silk saris, go for one that’s georgette or chiffon so that it drapes well and accentuates your figure in the right places. My favorite is the white and blush toned sari- it’s so gorgeous, it will look great on any body type!Indian dresses 02

In some cases, the grandeur of the wedding may call for a lehenga. Although there are many regular lehengas out there which will do, you can also choose to let your personality reflect, even in something like a lehenga. Go for a gher that’s larger than life paired with a choli that is simple and minimalist. Choose a full sleeved blouse, or one that resembles a jacket. Mixing up the pieces of your lehenga ensure that you will wear them again. A hemline that’s trimmed with gold or silver is all you need to make your lehenga wedding ready. The color red is obviously a no-no, but any other color in that zone is also off bounds. Mint, peach, pink, and blues are the season’s rage, but you need not limit yourself to them.Indian dresses 03

An anarkali is a great choice for those of us who think that a sari or a lehenga is too much to handle. If you are required to do a lot of running around, which you will be, then it makes the most sense to wear an anarkali. But there’s no reason why being practical means you can’t look stunning. Don’t go for the regular anarkali– spice it up! Asymmetrical hemlines, empire waistlines, bold colors- there are a lot of ways you can ensure that your anarkali is gorgeous enough to stand out. Experiment with the anarkalis till you find one that fits your taste. Accessorize well with huge earrings and a pretty clutch to complete the look.

As a bridesmaid, it may not be a bad idea to run your outfit by the bride and the other bridesmaids. This will ensure there are no clashes when it comes to color and (god forbid) nobody is wearing the same outfit! If you are going to be attending multiple functions, pick an outfit that is different from any others  you or the other bridesmaids are wearing.



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