Poll Tuesdays #19 – Spring Fashion Trends

Give your wardrobe a Spring twist. Just answer these 5 easy, fun questions and we will tell you your fashion trends for this season!

Poll Tuesdays






If most of your answers are A’s: Your bold and fearless dressing needs neon accessories this spring. Go for a pair of neon pumps, clutch or a statement neckpiece that stands you out from the crowd. Just keep your makeup and attire neutral. The look will have people talking about you all season long!

In case, most of the answers are B’s: You are quirky and laid-back, and you are in love with the Boho chic style. So, this spring, give your wardrobe a bit of a twist. Instead of long skirts or plazzos, try out a pair of shorts with floral or tribal print. Look ethnically cute this spring 😉

In case, 4 or more answers are C’s: Your style is classy, so floral dresses are pretty awesome for you to try this spring! For a night out, accessorize with pearls and a wear a pair of ballerina shoes for an ultra-classic look. For daytime dressing-up, a hat and a pair of sunglasses and a cherry colored lip stain will be perfect to go with the springtime sunshine.


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