Spring special smokey eye makeup

by Chandani Karnik

Look extra special this spring with an awesome smokey eye makeup. Try out these gorgeous eye makeup looks for weddings, work or otherwise.

It looks like the smokey eye look is here to stay. This spring, take your pick from the runway looks to create smokey eyes that suit you and your personality. Gone are the days when smokey was equal to grungy or sultry. It’s a perfectly acceptable look even in workplaces if you do it correctly.

Go minimal: This look works best if you are trying to highlight your features. The usage of eye shadow is very limited and the definition is provided by the grayish black liner. The smokey effect of the eyeshadow has been extended to the lower lash line as well, making the eyes stand out. This look is not so heavy that you have to avoid lipstick– going for something balmy and glossy in subtle shades of pink will do the trick.Smokey Eye Makeup for spring 01

Brown is the new BlackCreated using two shades of brown eyeshadow, the hero of this look is the eyeshadow. The angular shaping of the eyeshadow makes the lashes appear fuller and the face gentler. Contour your face with a low-intensity bronzer and go for a nude or peach lipstick for the best effect. Wear this kind of eye for a late evening social do, paired with a matte lipstick. Don’t forget oodles of mascara!Smokey Eye Makeup for spring 02

Smoke with colorWho says smokey eyes have to be in browns, grays, and blacks? Feel free to experiment with any color of your choice and give your look an edge. This kind of eye is great if you are headed for an event where a little bling is the norm. There are three types of shadow used to create this look-light lilac, jet black, and silver. By providing a similar progression on the lower lash line, the makeup artist has ensured that the look appears complete.Smokey Eye Makeup for spring 03

Smoked sophistication: Metallic colors are a great choice for a night look. It gives the appearance of freshness which most other looks lack while boosting your sophistication levels. Night events allow for false eyelashes or other tinkering you might think necessary. Just apply enough liquid liner to cover up the edges. Do up your hair in a chic chignon or a messy bun and apply a sheer gloss to complete the look.Smokey Eye Makeup for spring 04

Rock smokey eyes: And finally, the look that smokey eyes gained their inspiration from-grunge from the garage bands. Apply kohl on your lower lash lines and use a smudge tool to create the desired effect while keeping the definition. This look is one that can be easily pulled off every day. For work, tie your hair back into a sleek ponytail and for play, mess it up or let it run wild. Smokey eye is the most fun when paired with a little attitude.Smokey Eye Makeup for spring 05

There’s a smokey eye for every occasion this spring, so pick the one that you love! While some may find the smokey eye tricky, it is easy enough after a little practice. Before this winter melts into spring, get your chosen looks right!

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