15 Easy-to-do Spring/Summer hairstyles

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 15 easy-to-do and gorgeous spring/summer hairstyles that are in vogue this season.

Spring/Summer is my favourite season. I get to wear exactly what I like. Floral dresses, headbands, summer scarves, peep toes, flats and ballerina shoes. Oh! I love this season. Spring/Summer is all about effortless dressing and summer cool looks. Besides, it is just about the best time to keep you hair open and swinging in the cool spring breeze.Easy to do hairstyles 08

Whether you have short hair or long tresses, you can wear hair in a stylish braid or a boho bun. You can also keep them open in trendy waves or tie them up with a summer scarf. There is so much that can be tried out. Zuri brings to you 15 easy-to-do spring/summer hairstyles that are gorgeous and require absolutely no time.

This year’s spring/summer hair look is all about spray-painted and twisted (tweed undersides) ponytails, messy and windswept updos, center parted ponytails or open hair with mixed textures, loose tangles falling on the face, braids with a bit of a disheveled look (actually inspired by Victorian era) and braided buns are a super hit. In terms of hair accessories, floral arrangements, summer cloth draping (with a stole or a scarf) and gold barrettes as well as headbands are in vogue.  If you are going to a wedding or a special occasion that requires a bit of a dressy look, then opt for a chignon with spring blossom as a hair accessory. Afterall, flowers in the air can also be flaunted in the hair. If you are creative and prefer artistic look then get inspired by avant-garde era and make a pretty, romantic braid. Team it up with a long summer maxi for an ultra-chic look. For a free-spirited, short haired one who loves to keep her style bold, try out asymmetrical bangs and bobs.

Two super easy-to-do spring/summer hairstyles are (i) braided imperfect waves and (ii) braid-wrapped-ponytail. All you go to do is:Easy to do hairstyles 01

1. Braided imperfect waves

1. Braid your hair tight.

2. Now, heat it up by pressing a flat iron on it.

3. Now, open the braid and check out those gorgeous imperfect waves.

4. Wear this hairstyle with denims or a short, cute dress.

Easy to do hairstyles 02

II. Braid-wrapped-ponytail

1. Create two sections of your hair.

2. With the upper layer, make a side ponytail.

3. With the lower section, make a side braid.

4. Now wrap the braid around the ponytail (as if you are using the braid as the rubber band to tie your ponytail).

5. Use an extra rubber band and bobby pins to secure the braids.

So, just as you would have given a spring twist to your wardrobe, Zuri recommends you do exactly the same with your hair too. This season, go for a chic and super fresh look inspired by mother nature, spring blossom and summer breeze.

Happy spring/summer to you all and enjoy this weather till it lasts!




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