How to drape a saree in different ways

by Neha Paranjpe

Check out 6 stylish ways of draping a saree. These timeless and elegant styles are hot and trending this year.

One of the most timeless styles in Indian fashion, the saree is stunning and sensuous all at the same time. Worn by women over centuries, the iconic style has evolved to suit the tastes of each generation. And as with each decade, this year too we are all set to try on some new trends when it comes to this classic style. Let’s take a look at some of the new avatars of the saree that we are likely to see in this year.

1. The dhoti style drapePopularised by many a film stars, this new way of wearing the saree seems to be quite a hit. It is worn in a fashion similar to the Maharashtrian Navari but with a modern and unique twist to it. When worn with delicate materials like chiffon or net sarees it can wonderfully enhance a tall and delicate frame.How to drape a Saree in different ways 01

2. Cinch it with a belt: The best way to add some definition to your figure is by looping a belt around your waist over the pallu of the saree. You can pick from thin, broad, sequinned, printed, solid colored or any other type of belts you wish to try that will complement the look. Try to opt for a belt that is contrasting in color with your saree so that it will stand out and emphasise the style statement. Go on, experiment with a wide variety to find your best look.How to drape a Saree in different ways 02

3. Jacket blouse styleThe jacket blouse style saree seems to be a hot favorite on the runways this season. Many designers are using the technique to add a twist to the traditional lehenga style saree. It’s quite simple and you could get the look quite easily even without a high-end designer. Drape a bright colored saree the normal way over a long lehenga-top style blouse. Finally, pick a long, slim-fit jacket to cover it up. This is an ideal styling choice for outdoor weddings on chilly winter nights. You can go for close necked jackets or even a single button one depending upon your taste. Contrasting colors make the style pop and can help you stand out from the crowd.How to drape a Saree in different ways 03

4. The saree gownThis new style has been the most photographed on all the red carpets recently. It effortlessly combines the sensuous style of a saree with the elegance of an evening gown to create the ideal outfit for the contemporary woman. It usually comes in a pre-stitched form, but many even prefer to drape it this way. A delicate silk or chiffon saree works best with long blouses to create the impression of a lovely, flowing gown. It is usually draped a little low on the waist with a very thin pallu over the shoulder to show off the form fitting blouse.How to drape a Saree in different ways 04

5. Sheer saree over a metallic skirt: Have a saree that is extremely sheer and you are conscious to wear it? Not to worry. Swap the traditional petticoat for a metallic colored lehenga skirt with a wide flare and drape the sheer saree over it. Go for a delicate, solid colored blouse to keep the attention at the stunning effect created by the sheer drape against the vibrant fabric. Look ramp ready and set the stage on fire at the sangeet ceremony when you dazzle in your new look.How to drape a Saree in different ways 05

6. The crop top blouseWhat better way to give a modern twist to a traditional look than by infusing it with some new age style. Switch up the typical blouse with a stunning crop top and then drape the saree as you want. Go for a velvet crop top with a shimmery sequined saree or style a printed one with a plain silk saree, just mix and match for an eye-catching effect.How to drape a Saree in different ways 06

There are plenty of new ways to wear the saree to look fabulous at every wedding you attend. Go on, pick your favorite and steal the spotlight every time.



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