6 Easy hairstyles for long hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Unleash the hairstylist inside you. Now, try out these super cool, spring/summer inspired 6 easy hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is a blessing. You can try out various kinds of hairstyles. Can keep your hair open or tie them up in a bun, even a chic ponytail or a braid looks so cool in summer. But, long hair can also be a bit difficult to manage. Besides, if they are heavy, then making easy hairstyles can also get tricky. Therefore, keeping all this in mind, Zuri presents 6 easy-to-do gorgeous hairstyles if you have long hair. Ofcourse, you will have to practice it a few times at home. But, I promise, once you have mastered them, life is going to be beautiful and really simple.It doesn’t matter if you hair is straight or wavy, these 6 simple hairstyles are for all. You can also wear them.

easy hairstyles for long hair 07It doesn’t matter if you hair is straight or wavy, these 6 simple hairstyles are for all. You can also wear them at formal occasions, parties or for a casual date. If you are planning to wear any of these 6 hairstyles for a wedding, your own wedding or an event which requires you to be dressy, then add some jazz to the style with a pretty hair accessory.

So, take a look at these stylish hairdos, from a twisted chignon to a really high ponytail, a braided braid and a hair-bow, these are pretty and can be tried on your daughter too. Now, follow these simple steps for each of the hairstyles and tell us how they turned out:

I. Twisted updo/chignon:

easy hairstyles for long hair 01A very cool and smart hairstyle which goes really well for a casual lunch date or a coffee break. All you got to do is:

1. Smoothen your hair

2. Section out the front and side hair

3. Fix them with a few bobby pins

4. Style the bottom section hair into a sleek bun

5. Now comes the twisted part. Turn the side hair into the bun and use chip pins to fix the hair ends

6. There you go. A spontaneous look for a relaxed day

II. Twisted bun:

easy hairstyles for long hair 02

Buns are elegant and festive. I love them for the reason that they are evergreen and sexy. Besides, its spring/summer and who likes to keep the hair open in the hot summer heat? For this sassy hairstyle, here is what you have to do:  

1. Take all your hair up in the air using both the hands

2. Now, twist them up really high and roll them in a bun

3. Pile them up high on your head for a younger look

4. You can also wear this bun on your neck for an elegant look

However, we recommend you don’t try this is your hair has a lot of volume. The twist will not come out very well.

III. Double ponytails:

easy hairstyles for long hair 03For a sporty look, add layers to your hair and convert them into a compact hairstyle. Section your hair into 2 ponytails.  This one is really easy to do. You can wear it with a Pakistani suit or a designer saree for an ultra-chic spring/summer look.

IV. Braided braid:

easy hairstyles for long hair 04This one is geeky, bohemian and perfect for this weather. Try it out on a floral dress and wear a summer hat for a super awesome look.

1. Divide your hair into three parts

2. Braid the middle section and tie it up with an elastic rubber band

3. Make a three-strand braid using all the three parts (treat the braid that you made from the middle section in step 2. as one the parts for the new three-strand braid that you are making now)

V. The high ponytail:

easy hairstyles for long hair 05

I am in love with a high ponytail. It is versatile. It can be sported with a pair of jeans and top, an Indian outfit and also a cute short dress. It is no rocket science to make a high ponytail, but what I mean to share with you is a simple trick to ensure that the high pony stays where it is meant to. Just have a look at the pictorial representation and you will know what I mean 🙂

VI. Hair bow:

easy hairstyles for long hair 06

A girly hairstyle that is also fun to do. Here is how to get it:

1. Divide your hair three sections

2. Tie the two locks from both the sides together

3. Warp it towards the inside

4. Tuck the rolled hair under the bow-shaped hair

5. Tuck the hair ends under the bow and use bobby pins for the same

6. Leave the remaining of your hair open

So, ladies, have fun with these 6 easy hairstyles for long hair. Now, style your long tresses beautifully and show the world that you have a hairstylist hidden inside you 😉



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