15 Splendid hairstyles for curly hair

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Curly hair? Looking for a splendid hairstyle which is unique and smashing hot? Then, take a look at 15 stunning hairstyles for curly hair

Who says straight hair looks stunning always? I mean look at Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, or our very own Kangana Ranaut! They are all an epitome of suaveness. Besides, their curls add glory to the overall looks. So, presenting 15 splendid hairdos for curly hair. Take a look at these splendid hairstyles that are ultra-feminine, easy-to-do and smashing hot.Hairstyles for curly hair 32

Whether you are getting ready to go to a party or attending a wedding, from casual lunch date to attending an important meeting at work, now you don’t have to just about make a quick ponytail. There is a lot that can be done with the sexy locks. If you feel like keeping them open, then opt for loose, messy look just like Mariah Carey or Beyonce. A high bun can also look dressy, so go for it girls. Just don’t forget to accessorise it with a barrette. You can also do back-combing and apply some hairspray to create a sky-high bun. Now-a-days bandanas are pretty much in, so wear it in style with your high bun. And, if you are crazy about short hair, then go for a pixie cut and flaunt your curls in a funky way. Going out on the night out? Planning to wear an evening gown? Then there is nothing better than an anti-bang look. Achieve it by curling the front section of your hair away from the face. For a fresh, beach look, sport ringlets and for some quirk, wear a bold haircut with the asymmetrical faux-bob.Hairstyles for curly hair 36

Dutch braid for curly hair: Dutch braid is my favorite hairstyle for curly hair. This one suits curls as the braid sits in reverse and works well with textured hair. There are a few hairstyles that are meant for straight hair, but you’d be surprised to know that these same hairstyles look even better on curly hair. With the summer season fast approaching, Zuri recommends an awesome, tidy and easy hairstyle for ladies with curly hair. It’s also great for those humid days when your curls are going all over the place and all that you desperately want to do at that time is to tie them up in a braid. It’s best suited for medium to long hair.  This how you can wear a Dutch braid:

  • Take a section of hair at the front of your head
  • Split this section into three equal parts.
  • Now start making a reverse French braid. How? Here is how. Start with left section under the middle, and the right section under the left. Add in a small section of hair to the middle piece and bring that under the right section.
  • Go on braiding down the nape
  • Pull out a minor diagonal angle with your braid from the top left of your head to the bottom right
  • Once you reach the end of your hair, finish in a reverse French braid (well, that’s what a Dutch braid!) and tie it up with a rubber band.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling your curly hair:

  • Don’t look for perfection. Let’s face the truth, curls can never be perfect and that’s the beauty of curly hair! The messy texture (which also happens to be in vogue). So, romanticize it further by opting in for imperfections.
  • Curly hair also means knots, so don’t waste too much time looking for neat sections and partings.


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