Master the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look

by Isha Sharma

Achieve a no-makeup look by following these really easy tips for a stunning makeup look!

Various occasions require a subtle not-overdone kind of a look where you wish to appear as natural as possible. So, is going bare faced the solution? Certainly not! This article will take you through some easy techniques and tips to achieve a no-makeup makeup look that is occasion appropriate.Master the No Makeup Makeup Look 01

Step 1 – Preparing your skin as the perfect base for makeup products is of vital importance. Apply the primer all over your face so that the skin becomes smooth and looks fresh. As you know a primer will also minimize the appearance of pores and hence will help to achieve a flawless finish. If your primer is not hydrating enough then follow it with a moisturizer. Properly moisturized skin radiates a healthy glow that no foundation can do for you. People with dry skin can opt for a creamy moisturizer but keep in mind that your skin should be properly hydrated and not oily at the end. Dab away any excess with a tissue, if need be.

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Step 2 – The second step involves working to create a flawless complexion. Skip the foundation this time and instead apply only BB cream or CC cream. There are various options and shades available that not only moisturize but also effectively take care of imperfections. If you need to conceal more pigmentation such as dark circles or blemish marks then use a concealer that can be blended easily. Try to keep the shade as close to your actual skin color.

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Step 3 – In the third step; give your face a sculpted look by working on the cheekbones. Using a light contouring powder fill the hollow of your cheekbones and work towards the direction of your hairline. Ensure to effectively blend it so that it appears as natural as possible. This step will make your cheekbone more noticeable and give your face a sculpted look.Master the No Makeup Makeup Look 04

Step 4 – For eye area, apply a thin line with your eyeliner on the lower and upper lash line. Keep it close your lashes so that it doesn’t appear overdone. You can skip the eyeliner completely if you wish so.

Step 5 – Eyebrows instantly change the look of your face. We recommend that you use a brow pencil in black or brown to give your brows a proper shape.

Step 6 – To complete the barely-there makeup look, restrict yourself to only a colorless balm or a nude lipstick that matches the color of your lips. The aim is to make your lips appear hydrated and not chapped.Master the No Makeup Makeup Look 05

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