25 New nail art designs inspired by Summer 2015

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at 25 stunning and all new nail art designs inspired by summer that suit all nail shapes!

Summer is finally here and the vibrant colors are back in our lives! This year’s warm weather is all about the cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones. The minimalistic, breezy, airy theme, taking a cue from nature and the beautiful summer motifs will set the trend in fashion and beauty world. Whether it is a stunning eye makeup, lip shades or nail art, the inspiration drawn from the summer of 2015 will have major focus on brights, pale pastels, and nature-like neutrals. So, if you are looking to decorate your nails in the coming months, then follow our new nail art designs that are truly summer-ish that will suit all nail shapes.New nail art designs 08

This April, May, June, and July, escape from the everyday hustle and bustle by painting your nails in cool hues which are blended with subtle warm tones that are bound to create a soothing effect. Aquamarine, scuba blue, lucite green, turquoise green, soft pink, toasted almond, tangerine, baby yellow, marsala, gray, elegant black, pure white and bloody red, these are the ‘in’ shades. Besides, summer is also about licking your favorite ice-lolly, drooling over that perfect fruity-cupcake or a doughnut, picking up a beautiful bunch of flowers from the local florist, taking a dip in the icy cool summer pool, chasing a butterfly in the garden or just about setting yourself free! So, go wild, quirky, elegant, creative or dressy. Wear your nails in the colors of summer and get ready to party, celebrate, sing, dance and indulge in the gorgeousness of the warm, long days and sweet, short evenings.New nail art designs 24

Take a look at an easy to do nail art design inspired by summer splash:New nail art designs 23

1. Paint your nail in a base coat of your choice. It could be silver/golden or any shade which is in contrast with the second color (to be used for the drip design)

2. Paint a small strip across the nail tip. Use a toothpick to make sure the line falls in place

3. Make 2-3 large dots on the nail (don’t touch the strip you just made). Use a stud earring for to make fuller dots

4. Connect these large dots with that strip you drew earlier. Make sure to connect them neatly and individually

5. Add a layer of top coat for a smoother, shinier nail

6. Use an ultra-thin brush to make an outline around the drips. While making the black outline, try to keep it as thin as possible. Also, hands mustn’t shake while outlining the drips

7. You can use some embellishments, like sparkles or shiny dust to make drips look glittery

Drip nails are pretty versatile and fun to do at home. But, if you are planning to attend a wedding, then you can go for a something more sophisticated and dressy. Take a look at these awesome nail art designs and wear them in style all through the summer months for a chic look.

Have fun with your nails!

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