Poll Tuesdays #22- Makeup Colors

Just answer a set of 5 easy questions for Zuri to help you make the best decision while choosing just the right makeup palette that complements your complexion!


Poll Tuesdays





Mostly A’s: Stay away from makeup that is too dark. Minimalistic theme is what keeps you going and glowing. If you are very fair, stay far far away from using any product that is creamy-yellow. For foundation, Zuri recommends you opt for lighter shades in a porcelain color palette. In terms of lip and eye makeup, again stick to sheer and nude shades, such as soft pinks and neutrals. Paint your cheeks in softer hues. Blushes in nude or soft pinks will give your skin a natural looking radiance.

Mostly B’s: Go for lighter golden undertone. However, you will have to follow a mix and match technique. That is, if you go with a dark colored lip shade, then use a lighter shade of blush. For foundation, choose colors that are on the lighter side, such as and beige tones. As for eyeshadows, go with bronze with a bit of sparkle. Stick to blushes in the peach shades and lipsticks that are in the coral pink family. Even a dramatic look is going to look awesome on you so wear your lips in red on a special night out.

Mostly C’s: Strong and bold is your beauty statement. Well-defined eyes and bright lips is perfect for you. Avoid colors with a red base. For foundation, choose colors that are medium beige. As for eyeshadows, pick burgundy, berrys, and mauves and combine with an evergreen black eyeliner look. Stick to blush and lipstick colors that are brown, mauve or berry colored.

Mostly D’s: Zuri recommends you opt for makeup with the red undertone. For festive eyes, go for eye shadows such as navy- blue, green and purples and apply black eyeliner. Stick to blushes in the plum shades, and wear lipsticks in ruby red or deep purple.

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