15 Hairstyles for thin hair that will make them look fuller

by Richa Sharma

Can’t figure a hairstyle for an upcoming big event? Now, Zuri brings to you 15 awesome hairstyles to flaunt if you have thin hair! 

A friend of mine has always had very fine, poker straight hair and my hair being thick and wavy, I’ve always wanted to exchange places with her. I know a lot of you out there might not agree with me on this one because you think thin hair fall so flat, lack volume and so on. But believe you me, they are a blessing in disguise. Thin hair is so much more manageable and easy to style as compared to thick hair that can get rather unruly at times. hairstyles-for-thin-hair-01

Besides there’s so much you can do with your thin hair. You can wear them straight. Just a sweep of the brush and your hair are sorted. There’s no need to spend hours in front of the mirror. All you need is a good haircut. You can go for a choppy bob, or maybe a pixie cut or you could just wear them long with straight bangs. You can also pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail. Ponytails are a rage this season and they instantly transform you into a smart, professional looking woman. This look is quick, easy and gets all your hair off your face. Sure anyone could wear a ponytail, but it doesn’t quite work this well on thick hair.hairstyles for thin hair 02

Want to add volume to your thin hair? Just bring out your rollers and style your tresses into curls. Curls will instantly add texture to your otherwise fine hair. As a general rule, the slimmer your face, thicker the curls you can pull off. So remember this when you’re styling your hair. Oh and make sure, you make generous use of a hairspray or your curls would fall out even before you step out of your house and you’ll be back to having fine hair. You could also try sweeping all your curls to one side with a side parting. This will compact all your hair together, making it look thick and full of volume.hairstyles for thin hair 03

Another look to try with thin hair, would be a stylish updo. It’s so much easier to style thin hair into a bun as compared to thick wavy hair. You could go for a top knot or a messy bun or maybe even a braided side chignon for an elegant, sophisticated look. And once your hair is all tied up, no one can make out whether they’re thin or thick.

So make the most of your sleek, thin hair by trying these hairstyles. And whatever look you go for, don’t forget to accessorize your hair with embellished hairbands, fancy bob pins or you could even go natural with flowers.





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