17 Ultra-cool Arabic mehndi designs

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri brings to you 17 gorgeous and ultra-cool Arabic mehndi designs for a minimalist look, perfect for this season!

A friend is getting married this summer and I am so excited. The plan is to enjoy on her mehndi night. So, I plan to go for a little less complicated mehndi design. This time around, I shall get my hands done in Arabic mehndi design. I find this style of mehndi design less time-consuming also. It is unique and pretty stylish too!Arabic mehndi designs 01

The designs in Arabic style mehndi are flowing and less intricate. If you are not a fan of a complex pattern which runs all over your hands, then go for Arabic mehndi. Take a look at 17 ultra-cool Arabic mehndi designs brought to you by Zuri. The patterns are usually scattered. Besides, you can wear mehndi on only certain parts of your hands, such as wrist, palm, back of your hands or just the back of your fingers. However, if you want your entire hand to be adorned with the beautiful mehndi, then also, the Arabic style is quite apt for you. Certain designs can also stretch over the hand with the dorsal area also being covered by similar designs.arabic-mehndi-designs-03

But, what I love the most about Arabic mehndi designs is the fact that it is simple, uncluttered and spaced out, leaving certain parts of your hands as is, showing off the actual color of the skin which looks really sexy. That is also the exact reason why Arabic mehndi is well-suited for summer weddings. Moreover, the typical motifs of Arabic mehndi design, which are dots and leafy vines adds such a glamor to the overall look.Arabic mehndi designs 04

As it is, application of mehndi in summers can have a super therapeutic effect on the skin. It creates a cooling sensation which is much required during the hustle-bustle of wedding and related ceremonies. Moreover, all those brides, who are in favor of the minimalist theme, should definitely try out Arabic mehndi for its design and style.

Zuri recommends a few points to keep in mind before applying mehndi. If you have a very sensitive skin then make sure there are no chemicals mixed in the mehndi. Also, do a patch test (if you are applying it for the first time). Check by applying a big dot of mehndi on your palm before making the whole design. If it starts burning, then you will have to wash it off immediately. Sometimes, it also happens if the mehndi/paste has expired. It is advised to always apply fresh mehndi.

Ideally, there should be atleast 2 days gap between waxing and mehndi application. It is because, the skin is generally very sensitive post waxing and the chemicals mixed in the mehndi can interfere. Thereby causing slight to major skin damage.

Take a look at these gorgeous Arabic mehndi designs and wear any one of these with great fervor. Afterall, it is so simple yet elegant.



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