Poll Tuesdays #23 – Summer Hairstyle

The warm sunny days are back! This means, we need to style our hair well and in style. Answer these simple questions to figure what is your easy summer hairstyle!Poll Tuesdays





If most of your answers are A’s: Your style statement is pretty bold and you don’t believe in spending too much time on your looks. Go for streaks. Add a bit of chic candy color and look trendy! Whether going for a messy bun, messy braid or a high pony, those streaks are going to look so glamorous 🙂

If most of your answers are B’s: You like to flaunt cute and classic look and a twisted bun is perfect for you. Try out any of these hair bun styles for an ultra-cool look this summer. For wedding and special occasions, decorate them with flowers or go for fancy bob pins for daily wear.

If most of your answers are C’s: Whether you’re hitting the mall or the most happening pool party in town, you want to stand out and look quirky and different. For a glam look that’s totally easy to accomplish, try a textured braid. Check out these hairstyles for an easy and fun hairstyle to wear this summer!

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