How to do eye makeup for a mehendi function

by Chandani Karnik

Summer wedding season is right here. Prepare well for pre-bridal functions. Follow these easy steps on how to do gorgeous eye makeup for the mehendi night!

While attending a mehendi function, we often wonder ‘How much is too much?’ We suggest going for a gorgeous eye look that will turn heads at the ceremony. A look that’s perfect for a function but isn’t too loud. Read on to know how.

Step 1: Start with a perfect, blemish free canvas. Go over your under-eyes with concealer and your eyelids with eye shadow primer. The concealer hides any sleepless nights and puffiness to ensure that the focus remains on your beauty. The primer is a great way of ensuring that the eye shadow stays put and doesn’t betray you halfway into the ceremony.How to do eye makeup 01

Step 2: As a friend or sister of the bride, you have to look your best, without stealing the bride’s thunder. So pick a nude or golden-nude shade to apply across your eyelids. That’s perfect for achieving the ‘mischievous-but-innocent’ look. Sweep it on from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner. Stay within the lines of your eye socket, and blend it in to ensure that it is even.

Step 3: Around your socket bone apply a darker shade- maybe a brown or a bronze. Keep the application thin in the middle and pile it on towards the outer ends. Blend the part where both the eye shadows meet well, so that the transition appears natural and elegant. Remember to dust off any powder that may have fallen on your cheeks, so that it doesn’t spread.How to do eye makeup 02

Step 4: Line your eyes with a nice dark black liner. If your eye shadow is shimmery, go for a matte liner so that it balances the effect of the shine. Feel free to add a thin highlighting line of golden eye liner above the black line for a hint of glimmer when you blink. Add a thick line of kohl on your lower lash line as well.

Step 5: Use a waterproof black mascara to brush your lashes from root to tip. Wiggle the brush a little so that your lashes don’t stick together and appear luscious and full. Don’t forget to carry your waterproof mascara with you for quick touch-ups.

Step 6: A simple trick is enough to transform good eye make up to great eye make up. Using a silver or white liner pencil make an arrow-like mark on the inner corner of your eyes. This little addition can make your eyes open up and look brighter in the mehendi pictures.How to do eye makeup 03

Pair this make up with a bold plum, red or pink lipstick to complete your look. Add a little blush as well, so that you don’t look wan for the pictures. Whether you are going out for a function or it’s a regular day, always remember to start your make up with your eyes. They will dictate how much or how little to apply for the rest of your face and ensure a perfect look.



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