16 Best haircuts for long hair inspired by Indian summer

by Isha Sharma

Do you have long hair! Are you looking  for stylish hairstyles to flaunt this summer? Take a look at 16 awesome haircuts for long hair inspired by beautiful Indian summer!

Hello ladies! It’s time to flaunt those locks as long hair is ruling the fashion runway shows, both in India and abroad. If you are planning to chop them off, think again, because this year long hair is cooler than ever! Loose waves, slicked-back, high or long pony, or embellished, take your pick and style your hair as you like.Best Haircuts for Long Hair 01

Now that the coming spring and summer season calls for your wardrobe makeover, why leave your hair behind? Instead of chopping them off, let’s explore haircut options that keep the length intact. With these stylish haircuts, you can either leave your hair loose or style them as per the occasion. What’s even better is that long hair can be styled in so more ways as compared short haircuts. Best long hair hair styling options for summer 2015 include, simple slicked-back low ponytail, puffed front hair with high ponytail, natural loose waves, undone bun, messy side bun, super-neat side braid, three-way braided down-do, straightened center parted hair, blow dried big curls and twisted hair up-dos. There are so many options that you can try with hair coloring as well.Best Haircuts for Long Hair 02

Look cool and classy this summer with the following stylish haircuts for long hair. Remember that whatever cut you finally decide to have, it should be according to your hair texture and face shape. The hair cut should allow you to sport your natural texture like waves, straight or curls as styling them often with heating tools, gels, and sprays, in hot weather will get tricky. Discuss with your hairstylist about your preferences and way of life before going for the haircut. He will give you a better idea on what will really suit you and will be easy to manage.Best Haircuts for Long Hair 03

1. Blended layers cut: You can sport hair with long layers alone or add-in other features such as side swept bands, full thick bangs, razor-edged sides or shoulder length layers to face your frame. You can be creative and choose from these options to manage the volume of your hair. The best way to style such a haircut for everyday look is to let the hair dry naturally by brushing towel dried hair. If you want your curls to be more structured then you can use large velcro rollers. If you don’t have bangs then try the classic center parting look as it looks extremely chic. For special occasions, long layers can be made to look glamorous by blow-drying them in outward direction with a brush and setting with a light hold hair spray.

2. Choppy layers cut: Unlike the carefully blended layered haircut, this one chops off rough chunks from the ends. It is good for hair that is naturally wavy as it accentuates the natural texture of the hair. The same add-in features that are mentioned above can also be added in this type of haircut as per your preference.

3. V-shaped layer cut: The V-shape at the end looks amazing on long layered haircuts as it adds dimension and manages the volume effectively. If you are particularly fondon keeping your hair loose then it is a good option to try.



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