Top 6 must-have beauty products to own this summer

by Chandani Karnik

It’s time to go shopping for the essential summer beauty products. That’s why Zuri has compiled a list of top 6 must-have products to own this season. Take a look at them right away and get your list ready!

With a summer as intense as ours, we are already feeling the need to make some changes in our beauty regimes to get a look that suits us and our schedules. It’s time to re-look at your beauty kit and bring home these 6 must have products.

1. Bright eyeshadow: Summer is synonymous with bold colors and fun palettes. The favorite across the ramps seems to be an icy blue shadow. Contrary to what you may believe, it can actually look pretty stunning on Indian skin. Mints, whites, and purples are making themselves felt where eyeshadow is concerned, so pick one that suits your eyes and skin. Beauty products 01

2. Pop colored lipstick: Paired with nude eyes, pop lipsticks in reds, pinks and peaches are a must-have you cannot live without. The trick is to choose the right shade of these colors. And no, they are not all pastel! Surprisingly, the red that is setting the ramps on fire is a deep cherry and the pink is something pop but bright.Beauty products 02

3. Bronzer: Trade in your blush for a bronzer during the summers for a more natural look. Apply it under your cheekbones to achieve a naturally tanned look. Find one that’s matte and not shimmery as the Indian summer will create enough moisture on your skin as it is. A bronzer is a sure step to take your au naturel look one step higher.Beauty products 03

4. Matte concealerMore and more artists are choosing to showcase natural looking skin during fashion shows. To perfect that effect, you need a matte concealer which will cover up any blemishes or spots on your skin. A foundation can make your face appear caked and runny during the summer, but a concealer will do the same job, without its disadvantages.Beauty products 04

5. Tinted sunscreen: This goes without saying for every beauty-savvy girl out there. Exposure to the sun can cause tans, splotchy skin and signs of aging. Use a sunscreen with just a little tint to get an effect that is much like a filter on Instagram. Make sure you are using one that’s non-sticky and matte to create a gorgeous dewy complexion.Beauty products 05

6. Leave-in conditioner: The runways of the world are seeing a recurring hairstyle which sports soft waves. The days of the pin-straight hair are gone and it’s time to scrunch out your hair. Just rub a dollop of leave-in conditioner through damp hair and scrunch it using your fingers to get waves that look gorgeous and stay gorgeous.Beauty products 06

A simple update of your beauty kit is all you need to update your look this season. Remember to highlight only one feature at a time- either your lips or your eyes to get a look that works well every day.




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