15 Best short haircuts to wear this summer

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri brings to you 15 awesome haircuts for short hair length. So, this season, look stunning and ultra-cool as you try out any of these haircuts for a summery-stylish-look!

Planning to get your hair short this summer? Well, it’s actually a good idea! Above all, who says that short hair isn’t sexy? Infact, short haircuts can be flattering and they look cute, neat and elegant too. So, depending on your face cut, Zuri brings to you 15 best short haircuts to wear in style this summer.Short haircuts 01

These days, haircuts that are really popular include pixie, long and short bobs, shags for short to really short hair, and edgy cuts that are currently being flaunted by celebrities all over the world. To be honest, short haircuts have always been in vogue. It’s just that as per the latest trends, the looks have become sharper, edgier and adding a stylish hair accessory just glorifies the entire look.Short haircuts 03

There are 5 basic short haircuts:

1. Long bangs with shorter sides on the pixie

2. Messy shags

3. Razor short sides and long length from the top

4. Amorphous bobs for short and super short hair length

5. Bobs, worn wavy or straightShort haircuts 06

There is another very important thing to keep in mind. The face shape! Unlike, long tresses, with short hair, it is adviced not to take any risk when going for a haircut. Really short, cropped hair looks extremely hot on a long face. The pixie is definitely not for those with a round face-cut. Besides, the texture and volume of the hair also determines the sort of haircut you should go for. For instance, with curly hair, it is best adviced to go for an unstructured short bob and wavy bob can look ultra-chic on those with straight hair.

If you have a round face, your body structure is petit, your hair is straight and you are an adventurous person who is often quirky, then it is recommended that you opt for a pixie cut. Another cut that is apt for round face is an angled, side-swept bangs. Besides, if you want to add a bit of a width to your slim-round face, then these bangs/curls/waves pretty much serve the purpose. And, if you want your face to look slimmer, then go for a long bob which is centrally parted. But, if your face shape is long then, in that case, shaggy long bob is going to look awesome on you. Oval shaped face cut is meant for all kinds of haircuts. If you are looking to make a bold style statement, then go for an edgy cut. Ladies with a square cut and a prominent jawline can try out an unstructured bob, which is shorter from the back and the length at the front is longer than the jawline.

So, now, say hello to these super fantastic and gorgeous short haircuts for a diverse look this summer!




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