Best eyeshadow color tips for black eyes

by Richa Sharma

Tired of wearing the same old eyeshadow shades? So, here is some fabulous news for you. Zuri brings to you 5 best eyeshadow color tips. Now, add glamor to your beautiful, shining black eyes!

Most Asian women are blessed with black eyes. I say blessed because black eyes are the most versatile in terms of makeup and just about any color goes with this eye color. Deep shades like dark gray, black, navy blue, brown all work like wonders on black eyes. So all you lucky women, add a pop of color to your black eyes and help them stand out. What follows is a list of eyeshadow colors, most suitable for black eyes to take your already beautiful eyes to a different level altogether.

1. Purple power: Tints and shades of purple eyeshadow work perfectly for black eyes. Besides, purple comes straight from the spring summer fashion weeks and can easily be crowned the hottest color for your lids this summer. It’s best to pick up an eyeshadow palette with shades of mauve, violet, lavender and purple, all packed into one, to experiment and play around with different hues of the color and choose what looks best on you.Eyeshadow Tips 01

2. Gold glitter: Metallic and glitter golds work like magic on black eyes. This high shine and brilliant gold shadow help illuminate your dark eyes, making them look sultry and giving your face a warm glow. Gold smokey eye makeup with glitter accents is unparalleled when it comes to formal events and night outs.Eyeshadow Tips 02

3. Smoky haze: Here is a set of colors that can never go wrong for black eyes, these are the smoky shades of charcoal, dark gray and silver. Go for seductive smokey eye makeup with these colors or just swipe it along the crease of your eyes or maybe smudge it along your lash line instead of the whole lid, to give definition to your eyes. But remember to keep your lips understated if going for smoky colors for your eyes to avoid looking over the top and let your eyes take center stage.Eyeshadow Tips 03

4. Cobalt blue: Are you one of the quirkier ones? Then cobalt blue is the color for you. As a general rule, go for deep eyeshadow colors to highlight your dark eyes. And what better than an electric shade like cobalt blue to make black eyes pop. The vibrant, cool undertone adds instant drama to your eyes. If you’re not one of the adventurous ones, but still want to sport this dazzling shade on your eyes, then use it as an eyeliner along your lash line.Eyeshadow Tips 04

5. Copper: Go for a layer of shimmery copper eyeshadow in combination with earthy colors like beiges and browns. Apply it on the inner half of your lid. It not only warms up the neutral palette, but also highlights your dark eye color. And the shimmer formula takes it a notch further by adding texture to it.Eyeshadow Tips 05




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  1. I basically do simple smoky eyes and I love it. When ever I do smoky eyes I try to keep my lips shuttle and apply nude lipsticks . But sometimes I m confused as sometimes some of my lipsticks overpowers me with smoky eyes. Can u please give me any tips on what colour of lipsticks I should wear with different tones of smoky eyes lik blue smoky eyes; with black smoky eyes ; brown smoky eyes; purple smoky eyes?

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