Ultra-cool eye makeup tips for a beautiful summer look

by Chandani Karnik

Summer is all about flaunting a nice floral dress! And, the season is also about wearing just the right eye makeup. So, take a look at a few tips for summery, pretty eyes!

Turn the heat up this summer with eyes that smolder and make a statement. We have brought you summer eye makeup tips that are sure to revolutionize your makeup regime and inspire you to experiment with your summer look this season!

1. Bright blue eyeshadowStay away from a deeper darker blue and pick a blue in the color of a summer day sky instead. This color works beautifully with Indian skin and is great if you want to highlight brown or black eyes. Load your eyes up with mascara, but go easy on the liner to let your eyeshadow be the hero.Eye makeup tips 01

2. Faux nude: Au naturel never gets old. To achieve this look make sure you use a concealer that matches perfectly with your skin tone. Pick up a matte eyeshadow in the correct nude shade and apply it well into the creases of your eyes. Finish off with a bold line of black eye liner. It gives you the appearance of going bare, without the imperfections or the bling.Eye makeup tips 02

3. Teal kajalIf you are stepping out for a coffee but still want a look that is different, go for a bright popping teal kajal. The trick of getting the perfect effect is to use a teal eyeshadow and a flat brush to apply it onto your water line. Eyeshadow tends to stay on for a longer time and gives a better color payoff than most kajals in the market.Eye makeup tips 03

4. Brown-ie points: It’s all well and good to talk about blues as the perfect summer eyes, but who can pull off a color like that for a normal work day? For the times when you need to go subtle, go brown.  Apply eyeshadow all across your eyelids to the creases of your lids. For a smokier effect, extend it to your lower lash line using a thinner brush. A few coats of mascara and you are done!Eye makeup tips 04

5. Leafy greenPick a light but calming green and a deep darker one. Apply the lighter one from the inner corner to halfway across your eyelids. Complete the look with a darker green in the crevices of your eyes. Finish off with a bronze or gold highlight in the inner corner of your eye, and the lighter green extended slightly along your lower lash line.Eye makeup tips 05

Since the summer look is all about popping colors and bright eyes, make sure your lips are a subtle shade of pink or nude. Even a hint of transparent lip gloss over your daily nude lipstick is all you need to give finishing touches to your summer look.




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