4 Really easy nail art videos on Youtube

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Want to wear a super cool and an easy nail art design this summer? Not a problem at all! Zuri has cherry picked 4 awesome nail art videos for you to get inspired right away..

I love summer for the simple reason that I get to shed all the layers of clothes. Sunny days are so much brighter and then, wearing lovely, flowing fabrics, with a cool summer hat.. Now, that it so much fun! Besides, keeping myself hydrated also ensures that the skin gets properly nourished. As for the nails, I prefer flaunting gorgeous summer inspired nail art designs. Colors, art, motifs, quirkiness! Nail art is so much fun. Zuri has handpicked 4 awesome video tutorials for you to follow if you plan to paint your nails in an easy nail art design.

Trust me, none of these designs are complicated. Rather, they are pretty simple, yet intricate. From stripe nail art design to gradient pastel nail art to a bit of an image display.. you name it and we have got it for you. Take a look at these tutorials and get inspired right away!

1. Stripe Nail Art Design with Tape:

Nail art videos 01

For this simple and a clean nail art design. Here are few things to keep in mind while trying it out at home: 

1. After having applied the base coat, let it dry off completely.

2. Now stick the tape tightly over the base coat. It’s best to use a masking or a scotch tape but stick thin strips of the tape on your nail by pushing them really hard. 

3. Paint over it and peel out all the strips once the paint is dry.

4. Apply a layer of top coat to seal it. You can also apply these tape strips in the diagonal fashion. Infact, you can opt for stickers of any shape for a bit of a quirky design!

2. Negative space nail art design:

Nail art videos 02

This nail art design is super trendy this season. It plays a lot with the minimalistic style and space. Pretty sexy to look at too, just like a sheer fabric with a bit of a texture on it!  Take a look at the brilliant video to learn how to paint your nails with this uber-cool, negative space nail art design.

3. Gradient pastel nail art design:

Nail art videos 03

Now, this one is another trendy and an elegant nail art design that is perfect for spring and summer. Paint your nails in an array of lovely pastels and flaunt them on an afternoon date or a cool summer night while partying with your friends. Here are some simple instructions to follow:

1. Apply a base coat: Apply atleast two layers of the base color onto clean nails. It is recommended that you choose the lighter shade of the two colors for your base coat.

2. Begin layering: Now layer the mixture of base coat and the other color with an eyeliner brush. All you got to do is dab it a little and gently swipe it from the middle towards the edge of the nail OR you can follow the video tutorial and use a sponge instead of an eyeliner brush. The gradient created with the sponge might not be as neat but it is quicker and a bit messier too 🙂

3. Seal it with a layer of top coat.

4. Rainbow feather nail art design:

Nail art videos 04This one is my favorite. If you love colors and know how to draw, then this design could be your favorite too. Take a look at the simple video and try it out this summer for sure! The brush that is recommended while drawing objects on your nails should be really really fine. It is actually recommended that you trim the lip liner brush at your end.




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