16 Trendy negative space nail art design ideas

by Richa Sharma

Negative space nail art is pretty trendy this season! Want to try it out? Zuri recommends 16 hot nail art design ideas. Take a look at them and flaunt them out in style this summer

Negative space nail art is the latest and the hottest trend on the block as far as nails are concerned. And after making its presence felt on the runways at the NYFW, it’s been all the rage. Negative space nail art is basically a manicure wherein your nude, uncolored nails peeps through bold nail colors. It’s like creating a peek a boo panel to break up nail art. From pastel pinks to poppy reds, from cut out key hole manis to half moon manis, from simple stripe design to intricate stained glass design are all trending hot.Nail art design ideas 01

For starters, there are three ways of getting negative space nails.

1. First would be using a stripe tape. Stick it on the nails and paint the rest of the nail in bold hues. Now carefully remove the tape to create negative nude spaces in between the bold lacquer.

2. Secondly, paint the whole nail and then carefully wipe out a portion with a brush dipped in acetone in a pattern of your choice.

3. Third would be painting your nails bright with a free hand while leaving blank spaces in between.

What follows is a step by step tutorial for a DIY negative space nail art using striping tape. You will need a black and a white nail color, a base coat, a matte and a glossy top coat and a striping tape for this design. So let’s get started.Nail art design ideas 02

  • Prep your nails with a base coat to make sure that the nail is smooth and evenly colored. This step is particularly important in negative space nail art because your actual nude nail peeps out in all the designs.
  • Let the base coat dry. Now apply striping tape on the nails in different graphic designs.
  • Now paint your nails with a coat of black and white nail color.
  • Next apply a second coat and now carefully remove the striping tape.
  • Follow this up with a glossy top coat on all the nails except your middle fingernail, on which apply a matte top coat to make it stand out with a slightly distinguished finish.

And, you’re ready with your monochrome negative space nail art.

So, try this newest nail art trend and look ultra chic and stylish. You could also draw some inspiration from one of these following negative space nail art designs.



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