32 Gorgeous nail art images inspired by summer motifs

by Richa Sharma

Take a look at 32 gorgeous nail art images inspired by summer motifs and get inspired to flaunt them in style this season

Are you ready to embrace the summer season? A holiday on the beach, ice creams, breezy dresses, and floral accessories to beat the summer blues already on your mind? Think out of the box and go a step further by painting your nails bright in motifs inspired by the summer season. Wow! That’s sounds fun, doesn’t it? So get your creative side working and go whacky with your nails this summer.Nail art images 51

Pastel shades are undoubtedly the hottest (or should I say the coolest) colors for this tropical summer. Go for tints and hues of lilacs, dusty rose, seafoam green this summer.

There are a variety of summer motifs you can draw inspiration from. So get your gray cells working and let your imagination run wild. We’re listing down some cool ideas for you to choose from.Nail art images 52

  • Let nature take center stage. Summer season and beaches often go hand in hand. So paint your nails in aqua blue, drawing beachy waves with a free hand. Or maybe use a toothpick dipped in baby pink to paint a floral motif on your nails.
  • Take a cue from seasonal fruits and veggies. This one is for the quirkier ones. Give your nude nails a twist by painting a slice of lemon on the tip. Or you could use deep berry and green to paint a watermelon on your entire nail.
  • Use two or more shades of neon lacquers like fuchsia pink and turquoise blue to draw fun geometrical patterns like chevrons, bows and drips to give your nails a cute summer look.
  • Another look for your nails for a fresh summer look would be a bright color block nail art, using a simple striping tape and neon nail colors.
  • If you’re not too keen on experimenting too much, then go for ombré nails. Paint your nails with cool colors like blue and navy, giving it a gradient effect to resemble a summer sky.



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