The ultimate guide to games for girls: A make-up artist’s perspective

The ultimate guide to games for girls: A make-up artist’s perspective

What connects the world of fairy tales, imagination, creation, makeup and mobile phones? The answer is games for girls! I was searching for an app that allowed experimentation with makeup. I thought if such an app exists, it might be a very safe way to experiment with colors, designs and makeup. After several hours of fruitless search, I found that there is no great app out there that did what I had in my mind. But in searching for this app, I stumbled upon this vast world of games for girls. 

That day I ended up downloading and playing hundreds of makeup/dress up/cooking games that are meant for girls. All of us learn everything by imagining and practicing. I liked the idea of these games allowing girls to create their own world – just like fairy tales, giving them tools to fire up their imagination, allowing them to create on a simple device that everyone has these days – a mobile phone, and play with makeup. It was fun to find so many apps. 

The ultimate question then was, which of these apps are good! As a makeup artist I will share my perspective on which games are worth your time! For this article, I evaluated more than hundred games – and I am recommending just 4 for everyone. That is why it is called it the ultimate guide! There is a school of thought that says that pretend play for young children is very important. 

All of these games are available on the android play store in India, and have content that is safe for a young audience. The ones that I loved the most are the ones that are very good on 3 criteria: 

  1. Imagination: game allows a person to be creative
  2. Learning: game allows to create things
  3. Usability: game is easy or difficult to use

Do you want to know which are the best games that I looked at – see this gallery below. 

Do you want to know which is:

1. The highest rated game for girls is:Best games for girls: Best dress up games app for girls 01

I can guess why this game is the top rated game of all time. Simply because it adds the personalized touch by allowing you to upload your own image and play around with every feature until you are entirely satisfied.

2. The most downloaded game for girls is:Best games for girls: Best dress up games app for girls 18

I like this game because it’s so easy to use (yes, it’s for kids but anyone can get addicted to this one) and so much fun!

3. The game that I loved the most is:Best games for girls: Best dress up games app for girls 06With nail art being the ‘in-thing’ now, this game is apt for nail art lovers. You can do a virtual manicure, a spa, color your nails with a wide range of colors and finally add embellishments to make your nails look pretty! What more could a girl ask for? 🙂

There were some things which were irritating for me personally. There are two points that I want to make:

  • Over use of the color pink! I want to shout out to, what I can presume are *mostly male* game developers: Hey guys, I understand that you think that most girls like pink, but please stop overusing it in the games, otherwise they all look the same. There are so many amazing color palettes available, so why restrict yourself to pink.
  • Focus on gameplay. not just cuteness. I found that many games didn’t have depth at all. They were just focused on making things look cute, and didn’t emphasize on making the game itself interesting or engaging.  

If I find an interesting game, I would share it with you on this blog, so stay tuned! Also, if I have missed a game that you love and it is not in the list above, do tell me about it. Most importantly, don’t forget to comment! I am excited to hear what you have to say. 


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