15 Gorgeous glitter eye makeup tips for summer

by Neha Paranjpe

This summer, create an everlasting impression with your eyes! Try out any of these 15 gorgeous, glitter based eye makeup looks and look ultra-chic this season

Summer is here and it’s time to shine. How about adding a little bit of sparkle to your party outfit this season? That’s right, we are talking about glittery eyes that will make you dazzle. But glitter eye makeup can be a little complicated to get right. Which is why, we have listed 15 different styles of glitter eyes that you can try this summer with a few helpful tips listed out to make sure you have your eye makeup spot on. So go ahead and choose which of these styles impresses you the most.Eye makeup 011. The glittery cat eye

2. The rimmed glitter liner

3. Sparkle eyes

1. Style Tip

Don’t overload on the glitter. When applying glitter makeup you need to know when to stop. Applying too much may mean that it will start to fall off and scatter across your face. Now we don’t want that do we?Eye makeup 024. Peacock eyes

5. The mystic effect

6. Frosted style

2. Style Tip

Overdoing your makeup when you have sparkle on your eyes is a big no-no. If you are going dramatic with the glitter, keep your lips nude and your blush minimal. The key to good glitter makeup is keeping your eyes as the focal point. If you wear a bright lipstick then your makeup is sure to look overdone. So remember to keep it simple and stylish.Eye makeup 037. Silver sparkles

8. Classic golden eyes

9. Pop of purple

3. Style Tip

Always start by prepping your eyes with primer. Glitter makeup, particularly loose glitter, needs a good base to work on. The primer will create a smooth finish and the glitter will hold well on your eyes. Once you are done with your entire makeup application, spritz on a makeup setting spray to ensure the glitter stays and does not begin to fall in the middle of your party.Eye makeup 0410. Dramatic neon eyes

11. A universal shine

12. Sparkling peach

4. Style Tip

Applying glitter makeup can be a little bit difficult. So we have a simple tip for application instead. Rather than trying to smear the glitter on directly, spray your applicator brush with a makeup setting spray and then dip the brush in the glitter. This will help the glitter to stay on the brush and make it easier to apply. When you first start applying glitter makeup, remember to hold a tissue close to the eyes to prevent sparkles falling on your face and ruining the rest of your makeup. And with enough practice, you won’t need the tissue anymore.Eye makeup 0513. Mermaid style

14. Under eye glitter

15. A black tie evening shine

5. Style Tip

If you are familiar with glitter nail polish you know how difficult it can be to remove. Same goes with glitter eye makeup. To ensure that you get all the glitter off your eyes, opt for baby oil over your everyday eye makeup remover. It will clean the makeup right off and also moisture your lids without being too harsh.




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