Top 17 Indian bridal hairstyles for summer bride

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Getting ready for the summer wedding? Take a look at some of the most beautiful, Indian bridal hairstyles ideal for this season

Summer wedding season is here and if you are a bride of this season then we are pretty sure that the gorgeous summery bridal lehenga has already been chosen! Light and flowy, summer bride has a lot of options when it comes to shades, colors and fabrics. Besides, ‘no makeup look’ is pretty much in vogue, so if you are planning to wear peach, light pink or pastel shades, then a natural makeup look is just perfect for you.Indian bridal hairstyles 40

However, in terms of hairstyles, Zuri recommends you go for anything that isn’t too wild and experimental! Strands of hair should not fall too much on your face or near neck area. A neat braid, bun, an updo or twisted-half-pinned-up-hair are some of the best hairstyle options to go for. Whether you have long, short, curly, wavy or straight hair, Zuri has compiled a list of 17 gorgeous hairstyles for all hair types (yes, we have also considered the volume and length of the hair) that can be flaunted on your wedding day or pre and post bridal functions.

For long to medium length hair, a braid is an ideal summer hairstyle. French or fish style, add a couple of hair accessories to jazz it up a little. I wouldn’t recommend a sleek ponytail for the wedding day but because it looks ultra-stylish in this weather, therefore, try if you must on the cocktail night, mehendi or for your reception. It is bound to look sexy with an evening gown.

But, an ultimate wedding-reception hair look is a twisted bun. It is easy, can be done at home and is absolutely fuss-free. Here is how to do it:Indian bridal hairstyles 41

1. Dampen your hair and blow-dry them.

2. Create volume by using a curling iron. Only apply it at the roots to give them a bit of a fluff.

3. Now, separate the hair into 2 horizontal sections.

4. We need to create a crown with the top layer and a high knot with the lower segment.

5. Twist the lower part into a high knot just under crown.

6. Wrap the first section around the knot you’ve just created, leaving ends sticking out.

7. Voila! There you go you elegant bride!

Another highly recommended hairstyle for the mehendi night is a braid with a twist. Here are a few innovative styling tips to follow if planning to wear your hair in a messy braid:Indian bridal hairstyles 42

1. Make a deep side part. If you usually wear your hair to the left, then experiment with the other side. I mean, switch to the right, and vice versa.

2. Gather hair at the base of the neck and make a loose braid. Tie it with a rubber-band.

3. Now run your fingers though the braid. How? Gently pull and separate the braid all over so it becomes messy.

Don’t forget to accessorize your hair nicely. Beautiful gems and jewels can look really stunning. Even a gorgeous floral arrangement can add glory to the overall look. So, you summer bride! Have a fabulous wedding. Most importantly, look confident and smile as much as you can.


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