10 Brilliant beauty tips for when you are going for a job interview

by Chandani Karnik

Take a look at 10 brilliant and really helpful beauty tips to follow when going for a job interview. Feel confident by looking good. Just incorporate these simple steps in your beauty regime

Interviews can be nerve-wracking by themselves, but there is also the additional pressure of looking your best, professional self on that day. Don’t ignore your beauty regime for your interview, because when you look good you feel good. That’s why we have brought you 10 beauty tips for a job interview.

1. Exfoliate your skinExfoliation rids your skin of dull and dead skin cells and allows it to glow naturally. So the day before your interview, gently exfoliate you skin using your regular scrub. And don’t forget your lips! Getting a clean-up may give the same effect, but sometimes clean-ups can backfire. It’s best to trust your everyday fail-safe regime and avoid experimentation on your big day!Beauty tips 01

2. Don’t ignore basic grooming: Get your eyebrows and upper lips done. Remember, if you can see the hair, they probably can too. If your hair growth is in the annoying halfway-there stage, go at it with tweezers. You may mess up your grooming regime, but the flawless result will be worth it. If you opt for threading, go for it a couple of days in advance, to ensure that the redness and tan lines disappear.Beauty tips 02

3. Choose a neat hairdoIf you have a fringe, pin it up using a cute little pin. If you have long hair, remember to keep it out of your face by tying it up. Even with short hair it is necessary to control frizz and flyaways. If your hair is refusing to behave, use an iron or hair spray to control it. Let the interviewer focus on your skills and personality, by making sure they don’t get distracted by your hairdo.Beauty tips 03

4. Create the perfect base: This is the tricky part. You may be tempted to create a thick base to hide all the flaws of your skin, but this may cause your foundation to melt away leaving your skin looking splotchy. Use your make up minimally but smartly for the perfect effect. For example, during summer, opt for a non-oily BB/CC cream paired with concealer and compact to get a shine-free finish.Beauty tips 04

5. Wear waterproof mascaraTears are (hopefully) an unlikely event during your interview. But wear your good waterproof mascara anyway, because sweat beads can also cause your mascara to run and give you raccoon eyes. Waterproof mascara is also longer lasting, which lets you concentrate on what you are going to say, rather than what’s going on with your eyes.Beauty tips 05

6. Pick a neutral lipstick shade: Between all the lip products out there, lipstick is still considered more professional. Pick a soft natural- looking lipstick in shades of nude or a light blush to keep the interviewer’s attention on what you are saying, rather than your mouth. Make sure you apply the lipstick over lip balm so that it doesn’t settle in the cracks to look worn out.Beauty tips 06

7. Highlight the corners of your eyesStep away from the glittery eyeshadow for this one. Use a simple white liner on the inner corners of your eyes. This simple trick makes your eyes appear more open, giving you an attentive look. If applied well, it will work with your concealer to take the tiredness away and lend a certain twinkle to your eye.Beauty tips 07

8. Get a mani-pediThe first thing you do when you walk into an interview is shake the interviewer’s hands. Your first contact has to be nothing short of perfect and a manicure will give you just that. A simple nude colored nail polish will do the trick well enough. But it’s generally enough to have good-looking, well-groomed nails. Even if you are wearing closed shoes, get a pedicure to ensure that you are confident enough to take them off if need be.Beauty tips 08

9. Dress comfortably: We often want to dress to create an impression. While you must dress in a way that looks like you care about the interview, over-dressing or under-dressing can be harmful as well. If you are comfortable with formal pants, don’t pick a pencil skirt for your interview. Choose something you can move around in with ease, so that you can be comfortable and give your interviewer your full attention.Beauty tips 09

10. Accessorize minimally: Whatever your personal tastes may be like, it is important to keep your accessories minimal during the interview. Wear tiny earrings and a decent watch, but skip the necklace and the bracelet. Make sure that your accessories don’t steal the attention away from your face and are not religiously inclined. It’s better to let your accessories make no impression than a wrong one!

Before you step out of the house, stand in front of a full-length mirror and check if anything in your outfit or makeup is startling the eye. These are the things that need to be done away with, pronto! Carry quick-fixes like tissues, compact and lipstick in your purse so that you can reapply your make-up so that you look fresh.




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