25 Breathtaking nail art designs for a summer bride

by Chandani Karnik

Check out 25 breathtaking and super gorgeous nail art designs ideal for this season. All you summer brides out there, now flaunt your nails in style!

One of the few upsides of planning the wedding in the midst of summer, is the fun you can have with your bridal nail art. Gone are the days when a simple French mani would suffice for the entire ceremony, today’s summer bride takes everything- from the wedding ring, to the color scheme into consideration before she does her nails. We have brought you 25 breathtaking nail art designs to make this process a little easier!Breathtaking nail art designs 01

Summer clothes are all about the nudes, corals and whites and so is the nail art. Going nude with nail art has many advantages. For one, it will match with anything and everything you wear! It’s almost like an upgrade on your regular French mani, like a French mani 2.0. Just because it’s nude doesn’t make it boring. In fact, its flexibility gives you many more chances to experiment. Choose a nude, white and gold color scheme for bridal nails which are demure and dazzling at the same time. Break the monotony with a gold nail or simply add some gold glitter polish to the tips of your nails. You could also choose to use a pattern, which might be just the simple, genius thing that you are looking for.Breathtaking nail art designs 02

There’s nothing quite like white bridal nails. The white works beautifully with most of your chiffon lehengas and gives you a truly gorgeous summer feeling. The best part about white, however, is how it brings out the rock on your ring finger! Those brides with the diamond engagement of wedding rings should definitely give white nail art a thought. Mix it up with the color you are wearing for the wedding by creating flowers or lace patterns on your white nails. You could also add some fairly simple stripes to your nails so that they look more glamorous.Breathtaking nail art designs 03

Indian brides love pinks and corals. If that’s the color you are wearing for your summer wedding- girl, you are spoilt for choice! Ditch the usual pink combos for something a little more daring. Try pink ombre instead. The transition from a light pink to a dark pink tip really makes your nails stand out. You could even opt for the transition from orange to pink or a pop pink nail art. Don’t be shy, bring out all the bling you can! This is the day you can work it to your advantage.

For your wedding day, a simple mani may not be enough. You could risk chipping or other nail art disasters on your wedding day! To ensure against this, we suggest you opt for gel nails or at least a professional nail artist. Gel nails will allow your nail art to stay on for longer, without the risk of damage. It will most likely stay on all the way to your honeymoon!



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