19 Easy mehndi designs for feet

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at 19 beautiful and easy mehndi designs for your feet. Try out any of these designs and flaunt your stylish feet in style!

It’s the season of weddings and dressing up. So, it also happens to be the season of mehndi. Beautiful  lehenga or a saree with traditional antique gold jewellery, smokey eyes and a big bindi and an amazing hair accessory decorating an updo or your loose, wavy curls. Now all that is needed to complete the look is your hands and feet adorned with pretty, yet easy mehndi design! Well, the thing is that everybody focuses so much on the hands that they often forget during pre-wedding ceremonies, one tends to take their shoes off. And that’s when your freshly pedicured feet are out there, visible to all. So, to ensure that you look gorgeous and festive at the same time, don’t forget to wear your feet in mehndi. To make your life less complicated, Zuri has compiled 19 easy mehndi designs for you to choose from.Easy mehndi designs 01

From a stylish bridesmaid to a busy mom, from a boho-chic, quirky design to an elegant one, we have got them all. Take a look at  these easy mehndi designs for your feet and try them out this wedding season.

As you might know that there are 3 main categories of mehndi designs, (i) Indian (which includes Gujarati, Rajasthani and Marwari), (ii) Arabic and (iii) African patterns. They have certain prominent motifs that distinguish them from each other. So, if you are looking for a quick, quirky design, then Zuri recommends you must go for an African pattern. For a traditional look, try out a typical Rajasthani, that is Indian mehndi design and if you are looking for a less intricate design which covers your toe tip, as well as stretches all over the feet, then it’s Arabic for you! Since, the design usually comprises of a vine, that may start from the toe-tip and end at the corner of the ankle, hence, this one design looks pretty neat too!Easy mehndi designs 02

If you are planning to carry off a boho-chic look, then go for quirky patterns. They can be traditional as well as non-traditional. Designs include motifs built around animals, unusual flora, hearts, stars, moon and sun. Besides, these unusual designs can be really simple and eye-catching! For some extra embellishment, mehndi artists also apply colors, gems, crystals and glitter paint.

So ladies! Now that you have already got your pedicure done and applied that really cool spring-summer shade of nail polish, it’s time to decorate them with a beautiful mehndi design. Flaunt your Zurilicious and smashing hot feet in style!



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