15 New hairstyles to flaunt this summer

by Richa Sharma

Check out 15 glamorous and all new hairstyles for you to flaunt this season. Get inspired by the stylish summer hair look!

Summers have arrived and the soaring temperatures are bound to make us have all our hair tied up and tucked together. But you also have to look chic and stylish. The best way out is to get yourself a cool short pixie haircut. It’s totally hassle free and easy to manage, making it apt for this tropical summer season. But for those of you who have reservations about chopping off their tresses too short, we have got some cool new hairstyle ideas for you to sport this summer.

1. Braids: Braids are one hair trend that’s still going strong. So whether it’s the messy fishtail braid or the pretty milkmaid braids or the waterfall braids, or even the French plaits on your crown area, there’s no stopping this trend that rocked the runways across all fashion weeks. Second-day hair that aren’t freshly washed work best for this style.You could also go a step further by styling your hair into a braided chignon, which is smoking hot this spring summer. Braids work perfectly for this torrid summer as they’re no fuss, easy to style and takes all your hair off your face. new hairstyles 01

2. Sleek ponytails: For those of you who prefer a neat, formal, no-nonsense look, ponytails are the answer to all your hair woes this summer. Just flat iron your hair and pull it back into a high ponytail. Or use a scrunchie to tie your hair sideways to give it a stylish twist. This look is sleek and instantly transforms you into a smart, professional looking woman.new hairstyles 02

3. Beachy waves: Just let your freshly washed hair air dry naturally for a fun, playful, tousled look this summer. Or use a curling iron on your hair ends to style them into beachy waves. This look is soft, feminine and makes you look ultra chic at the same time. If you have side bangs, then just twist and clip them right behind your hairline with bobby pins because even the loveliest of bangs can fall victim to forehead sweat.new hairstyles 03

4. Trendy updo: For a more elegant and sophisticated look, go for a stylish updo. It could be a messy top knot or a neat french bun. Or you could even use a styling tong to style your tresses into ringlets and then nicely pin them into a low bun. Style the fringe into cascading waves for an old world classic look. This look is great for a formal event or maybe even a wedding. Besides, it’s also extremely practical, keeping in mind the sweltering heat that we have to deal with. new hairstyles 04

So look super trendy this summer, by choosing one of the above hairstyles and add that extra oomph by accessorising your hair.



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