3 Quick tips on how to fix a bad makeup and hair day

by Isha Sharma

Summer days can really stress you out making skin excessively oily and hair unruly and frizzy. Read on to find the most common instances of bad hair and makeup day and quick tips on how to fix them.

When it comes to hair and skin, every girl would agree that no two days are alike. Summer days can really stress you out making skin excessively oily and hair unruly and frizzy. This unpredictable nature is common but is definitely not welcome on important days like, birthday, family function, first date, client meeting, job interview etc. So what can you do if you wake up with not-so-perfect hair and skin on such a day? We would like to share some basic techniques that you can use to take things in your own hands. Read on to find the most common instances of bad hair and makeup day and quick tips on how to fix them:

Tips and tricks to fix bad hair day – Everyone has experienced a bad hair day at some point in their life. It makes a person feel conscious throughout the day and more often than not, people are completely unaware of what to do with it. Eventually, they end up going out with hair that doesn’t look how it was planned at the first place.Makeup and hair 02

  1. Flat limp hair: On some days the hair falls flat and has no volume. To tackle this situation simply powder the roots with some talcum powder (if hair is too oily) and blow-dry them with your head upside down. Dust off excess powder, if any. This will instantly give your hair some volume from the roots. Alternatively, you can try changing your parting, such as side parting, for some volume.
  1. Horrible split Ends: To hide the appearance of split-ends use a blow-dryer and curl the ends inside. Take a large round brush and roll the frayed ends. This quick fix is a great way to keep the damaged hair ends out of sight. But remember, if you have a lot of split-ends then we recommend that you go for a trim soon. 
  1. Frizzy hair: It is the most common hair issue and particularly with women who have curly hair. To quickly tame flyaway hair run wet fingers through the hair so that they become a little damp. Now, apply your regular hair serum (preferably silicone based) or leave-in conditioner and let them dry. You should also stay away from alcohol based hairsprays at this time as they will dry out your hair further.

Quick Tip: Besides the above quick fixes, you can also try styling your hair in a sleek ponytail, side braid, and messy updo or can use different hair accessories like hair scarf, bands and pins. Doing this will instantly transform your look.Makeup and hair 03

Tips and tricks to fix bad makeup day: With change in temperature and humidity level, it’s no surprise that your makeup does not look the same as it appeared in the morning when you got ready. By afternoon, your makeup needs touch up but how do you fix it if you are on the go and have little or no product? To help you, we are listing below some simple and fast fix-it tips: Makeup and hair 04

  1. Foundation slide-off: To make your foundation stay put for a long time, it is better to start with a primer, followed by foundation and then ending with a setting powder. But when you are traveling, the only reliable way of doing the touch up is by blotting the excess oil using blotting paper or tissue and then using a portable foundation stick.
  1. Bleeding or feathering lipstick: Clean all the stains around your mouth using a face wipe and fill-in with lipstick or lip liner. Once you are done, don’t forget to touch up the foundation on the area.
  1. Smudged eye liner: The first step in case of smudged eye liner is the clean the area with the help of face tissue/cotton swabs or if you are carrying trial size makeup remover. You can reapply the eyeliner or can leave it clean. Alternatively, you can also make the smudged look intentional by using an eyeshadow compact and creating smoky eye look. Take darker shades like brown or taupe and blend it in along the upper and lower lash lines.

Quick Tip: Carrying a few makeup essentials is always a good idea. You can include a few things such as face wipes, blotting paper or tissue, lipstick or gloss, foundation or concealer, pressed powder and eyeliner.Makeup and hair 01



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