Poll Tuesdays #27 – Summer style

Zuri has compiled a set of 5 questions to understand your summer beauty style. Just try out these really simple and fun questions to find out what should you wear in terms of makeup for casual, as well as formal summer events

Poll Tuesdays

If most of your answers are As: Your summer style is full of fun! Besides, you make the most of the sunshine by hanging out in the park and having a laugh with friends/family. You aren’t too fussy when it comes to makeup and looks. So have heaps of fun with the no-makeup/natural look. Play a lot with your hair, go for braids, messy buns or casual ponytails. If your hair is short, try out pixie-haircut this summer. Don’t forget to slap on a bit of SPF when going out 🙂

If most of the answers are Bs: You are sassy and that defines your summer style too! Hollywood glamour, red lips, dark-mascara lashes and hot blush shades with smokey eyes..now all that suits your personality. Avoid kajal for it can ruin your eye makeup with all the sweat. Opt for a smudge-free mascara and waterproof eyeliner. Try out stylish updos and side-swept/waves and curls for a  glitzy night event.

If most of the answers are Cs: Your style is intellectual and easy-going. You are truly ethnic in your style of dressing up and the outlook towards life, in general, is pretty simple. A lip balm with a dab of peachy/pinky blush on your cheeks and a boho-chic hairstyle (with a headgear and silver accessories) is an ideal way of styling up this summer! If dressing up for special occasions, opt for an offbeat eyeshadow shade, and play a bit with your eyes. Plus, don’t forget to try out cat-style eyeliner. It will look sexy on you 🙂

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