10 Lipstick rules to live by

by Richa Sharma

Zuri brings to you 10 important lipstick rules that every woman should stick to. Follow these tips for gorgeous looking lips!

Who doesn’t like beautiful kissable pout painted in bold hues of reds and oranges? But the art of applying lipstick is no child’s play. But, why fear when Zuri is here. So we’ve got you 10 lipstick rules to live by. Just follow these simple tips and tricks for luscious looking lips.10 lipstick rules 01

1. Choose your lip color wisely. Opt for a color that complements your skin tone. Reds with an orange or purple undertone look fabulous on women with warmer skin tones and baby pinks and true reds work brilliantly for fairer women.

2 Prep your lips with a primer before you apply lipstick. This will bring out the color even better while helping it stay put. You could also dab on some foundation on your lips in case you do not have a primer.10 lipstick rules 02

3. Always make sure you highlight only one feature on your face. So if you’ve decided to go for a bold pout, then keep the rest of your face minimal. Similarly, if you’re playing up your eyes with dramatic smokey eye makeup, then stick to nude and subtle lip colors.10 lipstick rules 03

4. Outline your lips with a lip liner before applying lipstick. The lip liner acts as a barrier and keeps your lipstick from feathering. Lip liner also helps in correcting the shape of your lips, making them look fuller or thinner, whatever the need is.10 lipstick rules 04

5. Pick up a lip liner shade that’s closest to your lip color. Going for a lip liner way too many shades darker than your lipstick is the biggest makeup faux pas and makes you look hideous. So avoid lip liner abuse by choosing a lip liner just one shade darker than your lip color to want to apply.10 lipstick rules 05

6. Apply lipstick beginning from the center of your lips, making outward strokes with the help of a lip brush. Using a lip brush makes the application more precise and leaves very little scope for mistakes as compared to applying lipstick directly from the tube.10 lipstick rules 06

7. Go for a small, flat, round tipped brush with short, firm bristles. Lip brush also comes in handy when you’ve got to tone down those red and orange lips by simply blending in a softer shade with the help of the brush.10 lipstick rules 07

8. Dab on some shiny gloss right in the middle of your lips over your lipstick. A coat of gloss in the center of your lips especially on the lower lip gives it an illusion of being fuller and plumper without interfering too much with the contours.10 lipstick rules 08

9. Check for lipstick stains on your teeth especially if you’ve gone with red or any other bright color for your lips. This one’s another makeup faux pas and can be really embarrassing. A tissue can fix this problem. Or you could use your index finger to remove any lipstick that found its way on your teeth.10 lipstick rules 09

10. Go sans lipstick atleast once in a week. Exfoliate and moisturize them to get soft supple lips. How wonderful it will feel to go all natural that one day, without having to worry about any lipstick marks on your coffee mug.10 lipstick rules 10




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