16 French manicure nail art designs to flaunt this season

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Zuri brings to you 16 stunning nail art designs that are based on the French manicure. This summer, flaunt an amazingly fresh look with your beautiful, elegant nails

This summer, French manicure based nail art designs are sizzling hot. They look clean, elegant and stylish. Whether it is a casual get-together or a party, these nail art designs can be simple, light or have multiple detailing too! You can also customize them by adding a bit of your own twist to it. Moreover, they can be so easy to do at home that you can actually wear a new nail art design every day! Zuri has compiled an album of 16 awesome French manicure nail art designs that can be flaunted with an ease.French manicure nail art designs 01

French manicure is a type of nail art design wherein the fingernails are usually painted with pale/light or transparent nail polish and a white band at the tip (well, it can be colored too). But, these designs can be twisted and tweaked as per your liking. You can make it look heavily-embellished, add shimmer or dust towards the end, use stones and crystals for a festive look or draw straight or diagonal lines if you fancy symmetry. French manicure nail art designs can be simple as well as complex.French manicure nail art designs 02

There are 100 different ways of doing nail art and when it comes to the French manicure, then the range of variations are even wider! You can go for a swanky nail polish and a simple white or black stripe on it. Decorate it with beads if the original design is too plain for you. If ‘bold’ defines your style statement, then opt for a sparkly red-and-navy. Add a flash of metallic with chrome tips for this season’s summer look. For a minimalistic and dressy looking nail art design, go for a base coat of nude shade or milky-white and give it a touch of gold or silver. For a festive look, team up a bright colored saree/gown/salwar kameez  with nude nails and a strip or swipe of bling. Glam it up with Swarovski crystals. On a typical summer night out, paint your nails in base black and do a silver or white straight across. Besides, you can also draw inspiration from summer motifs. Roses, peacocks, floral vines, ice-creams, cartoon characters and summer fruits can adorn your nails with an ease and style. You can also add a bit of quirkiness to the entire nail-art business. How? Draw three white stripes on clear nails for a fresh new look or proof that three-toned tip. Opt for color-block perfection or add some glitter/shimmer dust to your otherwise freshly-French manicured fingernails. Oh! And here is an amazing tip: Always match your lips with your tips—it just adds a lot of glamour to the overall look!

Ladies! This summer have fun with your nails. Get inspired and paint them in style 🙂




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