Poll Tuesday #29 – Beauty Personality

Zuri brings to you an amazing quiz this week! Just answer these easy questions on your beauty habits and purchase(s) to see what is your beauty personality  

Poll Tuesdays

If most of your answers are As: You go by the ‘no makeup look’ rule! But, why are you so serious all the time. Have fun girl! Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup and other beauty products to get yourself out of a rut. Try to bring out your girly side.

If most of your answers are Bs: You are pretty sensible when it comes to beauty and perhaps you are also known to make sensible decisions in life. You know what you want and focus on it with all your energies. However, Zuri recommends you must have fun too! This summer, pamper yourself, splurge a little.Treat yourself to a spa day!
If most of your answers are Cs: You are definitely a glamorous girl. Inspired by a perfect 70s look from the Hollywood, red pout, cat-style eyeliner and hair updo, you wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup and care! This summer, go for natural look.So what of you forget your lipstick behind! Its also good to relax at times 🙂

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