20 Cute Arabic mehndi design that compliments Indian as well as western outfits

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Check out 20 cute and stylish Arabic mehndi design that can be flaunted with an Indian as well as a western outfit! Be it a Pakistani suit, lehenga, saree or a short dress, now, don’t think twice before decorating your hands with mehndi!

Who says mehndi can only be worn at a wedding or a festival? You can wear it any time anywhere. Thanks to cute, minimalist designs and patterns, now you can team up such patterns with your denims or a floral summer dress and still look chic! The trend of wearing Arabic mehndi these days is in vogue so why should you stay far behind in trying it out. That’s why Zuri has compiled some 20 really cute Arabic mehndi designs for you to check out. This summer, paint your palms and the back of them with henna.Arabic mehndi design 01

Whether it is Pakistani suit in light peach, creamy or beige color or the brightest lehenga choli in your wardrobe or for that matter the little black dress that you have chosen to wear at a friend’s pool party.. Don’t think twice to flaunt your mehndi clad hands. Infact, accessorize well with a silver bracelet or a gold cuff. You can also try out ethnic glass bangles. An elegant watch or a sporty one, whatever is your style, just be sure to coordinate properly. For instance, if you are wearing a pair of denims, a crisp, white shirt and you have a dusky complexion, then gold it is. Red lipstick, eyeliner, big- round hoop earrings, a high ballerina bun and gold cuff/wrist watch with a gorgeous Arabic mehndi design is a perfect style to wear to work and after-work party!Arabic mehndi design 02

Arabic mehndi can be really easy to do at home. If you are a beginner, then remember the following steps while making a DIY Arabic mehndi design on your hands or feet:Arabic mehndi design 03

  • Start with small designs, such as leaves, veils, flowers. Practice them before getting onto drawing more intricate designs, such as paisleys, peacocks, and so on
  • Things required: mehndi cone; a printed copy of Henna design; a clear plastic sheet; some tissue papers or a piece of washcloth; plain piece of paper and pencil
  • In order to check if your skin is allergic to your skin, do a patch test. Apply a small amount on your hand before starting.
  • If your skin is freshly waxed, then is recommended to wait for a day or two before applying mehndi. As pores are opened and the chemicals present in henna might enter through open pores
  • Mehndi color is different on palm and on the skin. While it is darkest on palm, it appears to be lighter on hands. It only gets darker after one or two days





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