20 Stylish designer sarees by Satya Paul

by Vaishali Sudan Sharma

Take a look at 20 ethnic yet modern designer sarees by Satya Paul. From a bride to a college-going girl, from an enterprising woman to a stay-at-home-mom, let’s celebrate womanhood in style!

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a chic and stylish designer saree? And if it is not an expensive one, can be worn for any event or an occasion, is a versatile piece of cloth, then who minds at all? When it comes to designer sarees, there is one Indian designer who has done wonders. Yes! We are talking about Satya Paul. The label itself speaks of ethnicity, modernity, style and glamor. So, this summer or winter, why don’t you too add a bit of allure to your wardrobe? Take a look at 20 gorgeous designer sarees by Satya Paul. Be it an official meeting, pre-wedding function, cocktail party, school’s farewell or a friend’s party.. You are going to rock with your sizzling hot looks!Designer sarees 19

Known for its original signature designs, bold prints, and vivacious color themes, Satya Paul has re-defined the traditional sari by adding a modern classic twist to it. With archetypal design scheme and a diverse take on print fabrications, the brand has been able to successfully create a niche locally as well as internationally. The saree defines a refined taste and enhances the personality of a woman draped in it.Designer sarees 20

A typical Satya Paul’s saree draws its inspiration from from life, flowing water, green grass, earthy elements, monochromatic light, deep-sea’s marine life, gorgeous spring flowers, supreme-wildlife, midnight summer sky and what not. The designs originate from elements of movement and dynamism, from flora and fauna, music, art and paintings, and existence itself. They talk of moods of life, shades of day and night, creating a new level of complexity, a harmonious elegance, the true representation of an idealistic art of living. Lively- vibrant colors and ground-breaking fabrics further enhance the sophistication of today’s young, adventurous and an enterprising woman.Designer sarees 21

Their latest collection – tropical wonderland has been inspired by motifs such as a palm leaves, typography, abstract botanic strokes, and minimal color blocking. If you are planning to wear this designer saree for an evening occasion, then team it up with a classic updo, long danglings, and a deep berry/red lipstick. For a perfect summer look, go for a subtle shade of lipstick, nude makeup, and a pair of sunglasses nicely resting on your head. Don’t forget to accessorize your ears with ethnic silver earrings or better still, just a strand of pearl necklace.Designer sarees 22

Now! You look super-stylish. Celebrate life, celebrate womanhood 🙂


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