Top 6 stunning nail art videos for an ultimate chic look

by Isha Sharma

Ladies! Watch these 6 mind-blowing videos on latest, trendy nail art designs and get inspired to color your nails for an ultimate chic look

Who doesn’t love nail art? That’s the reason we grow our nails, right? There is no end to the number of designs you can choose to create on your nails, from textures, colors, patterns to even dazzling stones. And the best part is, you don’t need to be an artist to create mesmerizing and stunning nail art designs! If you don’t want to spend too much in a parlor, then simply buy a few tools to help you create designs with your nail paints and you are good to go. Zuri has compiled a list of interesting nail art videos for you. These videos are super simple and a must try to create an ultimate chic look and anyone can do these at home.

1. Rock inspired nail artBlack- an awesome statement color can be magnificent especially when used on nails. This design is unique and definitely a head-turner. The only thing you should be good at is creating straight lines. All you need is some bright colors along with a black nail paint and nail art brush to keep it going.Nail art videos 07

2. Geometric pattern nail artGeometric pattern were first spotted on the runways in 2014 and have still managed to maintain their popularity. Without a doubt, they look chic and random shapes make them stand out. All you need to create this look is a bunch of bright colors, nail art brush, quick drying top coat and scotch tape. You’ll be surprised to see how incredibly simple it is.Nail art videos 08

3. Ombré inspired lookThese designs are all over the place nowadays. You can spot many celebrities too flaunting these as they look elegant and chic at the same time. All you need to create this look are nail colors (preferably from same color families such as red and pink) and makeup sponges.Nail art videos 09

4. Splatter party nail artThis is the most colorful and fun of the nail art designs that you will see. They are fun for girl’s day out or just to pep up your mood. All you need to create this look is lots of bright nail paints, polish thinner, scotch tape and paint brush. Check out the step-by-step guide (Click on- ‘Splatter party nail art’) to understand how you can create this look.Nail art videos 10

5. Quilted nail art designIf you love matter nail paints, then you will love this nail art design too. This design was spotted on runways as an inspiration for Michael Kors black quilted studded Hamilton bag. To create this look, you need nail paint of your choice, matte finish top coat, studs/glitter for nails and floss pick.Nail art videos 11

6. Nude pink and girly nail artFor those days when you want to keep the look subdued and subtle, this look is absolutely beautiful and a must try for every girl. You can play around with a variety of colors, but nude pink works the best. All you need to create this look Revlon top coat, nude pink nail paint, glitter nail paint and studs (optional).Nail art videos 12

This summer is all about bright colors and patterns so go ahead and unleash your creative side.




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