7 Beautiful smokey eye makeup looks inspired by blue and green colors

by Isha Sharma

Be a star of a party. How? This season, try out any or all of these 7 smokey eye makeup looks inspired by summer cool colors!

As Indians, we mostly have black or brown eyes and often wonder what colors can be used to make them stand out. Well, the answer is easier than you thought. Besides black and metallic shades, blue and green color look equally flattering (when used as part of your eye makeup). They complement your brown/dark-brown/black eye color and Indian complexion too. Smokey look has become a norm, especially when you have to attend special occasions. So, let’s explore more options in addition to the conventional black smokey eye look that we all are way too familiar with. Here are top 7 beautiful smokey eye makeup looks inspired by blue and green colors. These looks are absolutely gorgeous.

Before you go on to read more about the looks, keep in kind some simple tips:-

1. Smokey makeup puts a lot of focus on your eye, and with colors like blue and green, it is better to keep the rest of your face neutral or subdued. Pick nude lip shades in pink or any color of your choice. The some rule applies to blush or you can even skip it altogether.

2. Don’t forget to pluck your brows and define them in case you use an eyebrow pencil.

3. Blending is the key. The trick to make your smokey eye makeup look appealing, blend the shades on your eye lid rather properly. Harsh lines do not look good when you are trying to create a smokey eye look on your eyes.

Look 1: Simple blue smokey eye

Going on a date, girls’s day out, day event or a day party? Try the simple blue smokey eye makeup look. You don’t need many products to carry it off. A few things such as medium shade of blue eye shadow and kajal pencil, and you are sorted.Smokey eye makeup colors 01

Look 2: Different shades of blue

Blue, by far, is the most flattering of all colors when it comes to eye makeup. It instantly pops up your eyes, make them look bigger and not to forget, makes you look awake. As per your skin tone, select some right shades of blue, preferably medium to deeper shades of blue. You can also explore eye shadow palettes by brands such as L’Oreal, Colorbar and MAC.Smokey eye makeup colors 02

Look 3: Blue with silver/white

This is a perfect beach look. The shimmer in silver reflects more light and blue compliments the sea. Dab a little clear gloss on your lips and you are good to go. Otherwise, flaunt this look on a cocktail party or on a daytime wedding.Smokey eye makeup colors 03

Look 4: Green with silver/white

As above, instead of blue, you can also play around with green. Pick colors like sea green and emerald with a dash of glitter at the corners of your eye. You can line the lower lash line with black and smudge it.Smokey eye makeup colors 04

Look 5: Turquoise, sea green and white smokey look

Elegant and uber-sophisticated, this look is for those who like to keep it simple. With just of dash of summery colors, like turquoise and sea green, you can easily transform your look.Smokey eye makeup colors 05

Look 6: Bottle green and black look

This looks equally seductive as the ultimate black smokey look- Smudged kajal on the lower lid with a dash of bottle green on the upper lid. It is perfect for night occasions.Smokey eye makeup colors 06

Look 7: Emerald green and extended liner

Combination of black liner and deeper shades of green such as, emerald and dark green, look flattering on brown eyes.Smokey eye makeup colors 07

Quick tip: Experiment with a variety of eye liner styles- extended, cat eye, smudged etc. and see what works best for you. Remember, there are no clear set of rules while working with makeup looks.




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