Poll Tuesday #32 – Hairstyles


Take this simple quiz by answering 5 basic personality based questions to know what is your ideal hairstyle.

Poll Tuesdays

If most of your answers are As: Your hair would be nice straight. Your style is basic and straight hair is basic so this fits you well. Hair colors that would go well with this style are, brown, black, blonde, and ginger (red). If you don’t have straight hair you should try straightening it and see if you like it like that… you’ll never know if it actually works or not! Also, you could pair a cute beanie or headband with this hair.

If most of your answers are Bs: You would look nice with a side cut. A side cut really brings out a nice bold part in someone and you seem to have a bold personality. Colors that would work with this certain style are, blue, black, brown, blond, red, pink, purple… the list goes on… basically any color works so feel free to choose any color that would suit your look and face.

If most of your answers are Cs: You should have curly  hair. The curls are so going to suit you, because you are artsy and like a classical feel in things. Hair colors that go with this are ombre hair.

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