How to apply hot pink lipstick

by Richa Sharma

Hot pink lips are in fashion. They look sexy and stylish. But, how to achieve that perfect look? It’s actually quite easy. Zuri brings to you 5 simple steps on how to apply hot pink lipstick!

With a perfect balance of depth and brightness, hot pink is one of my personal favorite lip colors. It’s fun, girlie but still packs a punch. Besides, the fresh, cool undertone makes it a perfect pick for summers. But for those of you who are still skeptical about trying hot pink lips, here are a few tips to help you pull it off.

1. Prep your lips: Bright shades tend to bring out the flaws on your lips and exaggerate them even further. So do away with dry chapped lips by exfoliating them beforehand. Also, make sure you prep your lips with a primer before applying lipstick. It will not only let the lipstick stay put, but also bring out the color even to apply lipstick 01

2. Choose the right shade: Picking the right hot pink for your lips can be slightly tricky. Always choose your color keeping in mind your skin tone. Don’t hesitate to try different shades of hot pink before zeroing on the shade you want to buy. As a general rule, cooler toned lip colors work well for women with warmer complexion and vice to apply lipstick 02

3. Keep the rest of your face minimal: If you choose to go with hot pink lips, make sure to be light on the rest of your makeup or you’ll end up looking like a clown. Completely lay off that rosy blush or go for a nude blush, if you must and let your lips be the focal point of your look. Avoid doing smokey eyes and stick to basic eyeliner and mascara for your to apply lipstick 03

4. Use a lip brush for application: Always use a lip brush to apply hot pink lipstick. Using a lip brush makes the application more precise and leaves very little scope for mistakes as compared to applying lipstick directly from the tube. Moreover, a lip brush takes care of all the tricky corners and ensures a more even to apply lipstick 04

5. Stick to matte finish: Opt for a matte finish hot pink for your lips to avoid looking over the top, especially during the daytime. Also, matte lipsticks last longer. But if you’re too keen on the glossy counterpart, use it for those night to apply lipstick 05

So all you gorgeous women, shed all your inhibitions and try the hot pink on your lips. It’s young, refreshing and adds that oomph factor to your look. Carry it off with confidence and you are instantly transformed into a glam diva.




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