18 Cool hairstyles for hot summer look

by Neha Paranjpe

For the perfect summer look, try out these super cool hairstyles and accessorize them well for a stylish you!

When it’s too hot to heat-style your hair or set it up with heavy products, when it’s too humid to keep your hair dry and sweat proof, just keep its simple sweetheart. Hair bands, clips, and scarves can work out to be convenient and stylish accessories to help you get the perfect summer hairstyle.

1. Up your game with a stylish updo: The easiest way to get your hair out of the way in the summer is to pile it up at the top of your head and scrunch it up using a hair tie. But while the messy look works sometimes, how about giving your convenient updo a bit of a glam factor. Many celebrities can be seen sporting extremely cool updos and you can take a leaf out of their book and try out some on your own. You can use clips or even hair bands to secure the hair at the top. Then use a comb to release some strands around the crown and tease them to add some volume. Use a pair of curling tongs to add stunning curls which will look gorgeous when they frame your face. Another way to spice up the look is to add decorative elements to your updo. This can range from beautiful delicate flowers to large, oversized ones, or even beads and sparkling hair clips to add some dazzle to your look.Cool hairstyles 01

2. Prep your ponytail: Ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles and can be worn for a number of occasions. From a sleek high ponytail for a high fashion event to a low messy one for an evening out with friends, there is a lot to try. For a sleek ponytail, add some mousse to your hair and gather it up at the top of your head. Secure it with a hair tie and spray some hairspray to tame the flyaways. Then take some hairspray on your fingers and run it through the length of the ponytail to remove any frizz and smoothen it out. For a messy ponytail, use a wide toothed comb to backcomb your hair and then gather it up loosely. Use a thin hair tie, and then wrap a section of your hair over it to cover it up. You can even experiment with a bouffant style ponytail. Use the same method of backcombing and then create a pouf at the crown using hair pins. Spray the pins with hairspray before using them to ensure that they stay in place.Cool hairstyles 02

3. Beat the heat with braids: One of the hottest trends of the summer, you can find many new and innovative ways to wear your hair in braids this season. Opt for a classic French braid when you head out to the gym in the morning. Not only will it keep your hair from getting in your eyes during your workout, you will look super cute the whole time. For a Sunday morning brunch with your girlfriends, tie your hair in a loose fishtail braid for an easy-breezy style. When you are getting ready for a date with that special someone style your hair in an elegant waterfall braid which is sure to look super stylish while keeping you comfortable the whole time.Cool hairstyles 03

Take a look at some of the most stylish summer-chic hairstyles and get inspired to achieve a similar look right away!



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