Poll Tuesday #33 – Eye Makeup

Take this simple quiz by answering 5 simple questions to know what type of eye makeup should you go for!Poll Tuesdays

If most of your answers are As: Your eyes are gorgeously mysterious, therefore it is recommended that you go for bold eye makeup color themes such as sapphire blue that is bound to accentuate your skin tone and beautiful Indian eye color, which is black or brown eyes so that you look lovely with your dark hair and cool skin tone.

If most of your answers are Bs: You are lucky to have a pair of striking green colored eyes. The ideal bold eye makeup color for your is rust brown (with red undertones). It looks great next to green eyes and blends with warm skin tones better than classic black. Stick to brown and gold, basically sheer, earthy brown shades for a natural eye makeup look. Go for golden shimmery eyeshadow for that perfect evening party!

If most of your answers are Cs: Wow! blue/gray eyes are stunning. So, the bold eye makeup look for you has to be ravishing too. We recommend you opt for chocolate brown and rust colors. A deep chocolate brown or rust-colored shade makes blue and gray eyes pop while subtly standing out against cool or warm skin tone and blonde hair. For your everyday eye look, go for peachy beige eye makeup color. It is bound to flatter cool as well as warm undertones. Light gold or bronze shimmer enhances blue and gray eyes.

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