The art of wearing the perfect summer inspired smokey eye makeup look

by Chandani Karnik

We are back with fabulous eye makeup tips for this season. Yes! We are talking about fashionable summer smokey eye makeup. Read on to know what colors and styles are trending these days

The smokey eye is the greatest revolution in women’s beauty since the red lipstick. And we don’t say this lightly. It’s the perfect go-to eye makeup style no matter where you are headed- a wedding, date or a prom. Knowing how to work your smokey eye is a trick every girl should know.Smokey eye makeup 23

To begin with, learn to play with colors. Summer is all about brightness and pop colors, so stay away from the same old boring black layered smokey eye and step into the world of summer colors. Of course, how a smokey eye looks depends a lot on the color of your eyes, but the only way you will know for sure what works best is if you try it out for yourself. Begin with an icy smokey eye, created with shades of silver and gray. Notice how the silver merges effortlessly into the charcoal contour powder. That’s the result of some serious blending. Add a little mascara, and line your lower lash line with a teal pencil for extra summer points.Smokey eye makeup 24

Smokey eye makeup 25Try playing with greens and blues, to create this stunning effect. Use two shades of green eye shadow, to create an effect that looks like a leaf that’s dappled in sunlight. Add a silvery eye shadow in the corner of your eye to brighten up your eyes. Finish with a solid line of liquid black eyeliner and a line of blue liner under your lower lash line. Remember to keep your lips simple. Opt for a deep pink or a simple nude lipstick to complement your colorful smokey eye. Even the popular ‘cranberry smokey eye’ uses a similar technique and plays with cranberry and dark eye shadow.

But what about everyday events? Like a date with your boyfriend, which requires more than the usual liner+ lipstick combo?  Go classic and subtle with rose gold and black smokey eye. Glam it up by going a step further and making it a winged smokey eye. Subtle and extremely powerful at the same time, this look is the perfect choice for the events that are a little in between, not so glam but still keep you on your toes!Smokey eye makeup 28

Smokey eye makeup 29Celebs these days are flaunting a single color smokey eye, not created using the usual favorite (black) but something a tad bit more scintillating. Bronze. Yes, you heard (read) it right. The color that loves Indian skin is the most fashionable summer smokey eye this season. Oodles of mascara and carefully applied bronze shadow are all you need to be ready for that Sunday brunch by the poolside.

The true art of making the perfect smokey eye lies in the blending. As any makeup artist will tell you, there are no shortcuts when it comes to blending. It makes sense to do your eye makeup step by step on both eyes so that you can compare and fix as you go along. Remember to let your smokey eye be the hero, go mute on the rest of your makeup!

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