4 Eye shadow makeup looks ideal for a red carpet event

by Chandani Karnik

Dressing up for a special occasion? Then you have to check out these 4 gorgeous eye shadow makeup looks that are ideal for a red carpet event of your life!

Every girl dreams of walking down the red carpet. There are many red carpet events in daily life, where we can look our absolute best. A high profile wedding, a corporate award show, a massive office party, you name it. We have brought you 4 stunning looks for those events which are no-holds-barred glamor.

1. Nothing is as stunning as the bronze eyeshadow. If it is an impression you want to make, look no further than the bronze eyeshadow. The best part about this color is that it works very well with all Indian eye colors. However, bronze is a slightly dark color, which can make your eyes appear heavy-lidded and tiny. So counter it using gold shadow towards the inner eye and silver eyeshadow in the very inner corners. Use some more gold powder under your lower lash line. Line your eyes with a thin line of black eyeliner and load up on the mascara. Since your eyes are so heavy, keep your lips muted and simple.

Best worn with: BlackEye shadow makeup 01

2. Metallics, in general, are a never ending trend on the red carpet. If bronze is a little too bold for you, we suggest you opt for an icy silver eyeshadow. It will work to make your eyes appear darker and add some sparkle to them. Depending upon your skin tone and eye color, your perfect silver may be different from mine. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that a silver dusting on a nude base will be the safest pick. Complete your look by lining your lower line with more silver powder and the customary black liquid liner. This may be a good opportunity to use those falsies you’ve been wanting to try out!

Best worn with: White or blackEye shadow makeup 02

3. Is it there? Is it not? We assure you that there is a layer of rose gold eyeshadow in that picture. This look is for those of us who are not so comfortable with eyeshadow. We don’t want to turn up at that event and stand out drastically. This look is so subtle and soft, it’s perfect. The rose gold tones on a nude makeup is a great choice even if you choose to highlight your lips with red lipstick.

Best worn with: Absolutely anything!Eye shadow makeup 03

4. Some celebrities are leaning away from metallics and choosing to explore warm or bright colors as eye shadow instead. An orange, for example, can really go a long way in highlighting brown eyes. The color you pick depends upon what you are wearing and, of course, your comfort levels. Complement your eyeshadow with a thick line of black liner (brown in the case of orange eyeshadow) and mascara. When your eyes are so bright, it’s best to let your lips take the backseat with just a touch of nude creme lipstick.

Best worn: something funky.Eye shadow makeup 04

A lot of what your eye makeup ends up looking like depends upon your grooming habits. If you keep your eyebrows neat and trimmed, they will appear well cared for. If your eyes tend to be puffy, give them the appropriate care they need every day, so that when it’s time for the red carpet look, you don’t need to do as much damage control to look perfect.





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