Mumbai based makeup artist Priya Todarwal

As a part of the ongoing series on makeup artists, meet Mumbai based Priya Todarwal. She specializes in professional makeup for all formats and occasions. 

From soft smokey eyes, to luscious coral lips, from a natural morning glow to a sassy cocktail/post-wedding function look– Priya really knows how to pull it off! Let’s read on to find out about Todarwal and what she really thinks about Indian makeup industry.Makeup artist Priya Todarwal 01

1. What is a day in the life of Priya Todarwal?

The life of Priya is fun, exciting, and full of things to learn.

2. Have you always been a makeup artist? Did you have another career(s) before doing makeup full time?

As a young girl (while I was growing up), I tried several things. Dipped my hands in garment export, advertising, celebrity management, but finally found my true calling in the industry of makeup- as a makeup artist!Makeup artist Priya Todarwal 02

3. What is the difference between applying makeup for a TV/film shoot and applying makeup for a bride?

Actually in today’s time, the difference is just in skin maybe. During TV shoots, the lighting, etc. is much different. To protect the skin and to ensure makeup stays longer, the application of foundation is heavier than it normally is, whereas for my brides, I like to keep the foundation minimal but still enough for it to last atleast 5 to 7 hours.

4. Tell us a bit about your most memorable experience while working for a celebrity/client?

Each and every experience so far (with my celebrities/clients) has been an amazing and a memorable one. They follow-up and call back to tell me how their looks were appreciated and how happy they were, those moments are memorable to me.Makeup artist Priya Todarwal 03

5. How well do you think you have been able to strike a balance between your work life and personal life?

It’s not easy to balance work and personal life. I have managed, but that’s because of the amazing support of my husband and in-laws, sister-in-law, my father and brother. With two children and a family and work, it is physically and mentally exhausting, but because I am a good organizer and have a super strong support system. All this has helped me reach this point today..

6. What do you think about Indian beauty industry and how has it changed over a period of time?

I think our beauty industry is evolving and is much better than what it was some 10 years back. As compared to the earlier times, Indian brands are trying to better their quality now. Our market is opening up. Various brands are coming to India, so the availability of International products is much easier. We still have a long way to go but would say we will get there soon.

7. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

I would say my signature look is creating flawless skin without making it look made up. All my brides have always told me how light and beautiful their skin feels and that they feel their skin can breathe.Makeup artist Priya Todarwal 04

8. What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

I think choosing the right foundation is the most important thing and a lot of women get it wrong. When buying a foundation, one must match it to the skin by applying it between the jawline and neck area. Women also feel that if they are darker then they should only wear dark lipstick shades, which I believe is not true.

9. Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

I think artists like Cory Walia, Mickey Contractor, Kevin Aucoin. All for their professionalism, creativity, and foresight.

10. What advice would you like to give to someone who is aspiring to be a makeup artist? Basically, with the competition getting tougher, how can one still pursue the career despite all the challenges?

I think from my experience. In our industry, there is no competition, besides, there is enough space for everyone. Being true to yourself and respecting your profession, these 2 important values are a must in any field that one pursues. Work hard and always be professional at your job. Always try new things and keep learning, you can never know too much.

Be patient and it will take you a long way!

To get in touch with Priya Todarwal, please send an email at; You can also contact her at +91-98210 72588. And don’t forget visit her Facebook page!

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