Beauty Poll #37 – Haircut

Want to look stylish? Looking for the best haircut that suits your personality? Just answer these easy questions to find out what haircut fits you!

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If most of your answers are As: You should get layers! A sporty you needs something that suits your athletic personality. So, a stylish haircut that is unique and also compatible with your style has to be LAYERS! Besides, you can flaunt this haircut irrespective of your current hair-length 🙂

If most of your answers are Bs: You should go for CURLS! You are an outgoing, simple personality who doesn’t mind experimenting. Thats why you should get some whirls and curls! If you already have curly hair, scrunch after a shower for curlier hair or get a perm! 

If most of your answers are Cs: Our stylish diva, you should grow your hair and style them accordingly! Keep it LONG (and if you aren’t too patient, go for hair-extensions) and try out fun ponytails like wrapping some hair around the elastic or go for messy high bun! 

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