How to do beautiful cat eye make up for different eyes

by Chandni Karnik

Who doesn’t like sexy cat eyes? That’s why Zuri brings to you a few application steps and tips to achieve a beautiful looking cat eye make up based on your eye shape!

Whether it’s date night, or a wedding reception, the cat eye is the perfect pick. Do it up with eye shadow or let it shine with a bold lipstick, you have to admit one thing- the cat eye is indispensable for today’s girl. It may seem very easy to achieve, but to get it perfect every single time, it needs to be altered to your eye type. That’s why, we at Zuri have brought you the perfect way to create beautiful cat eye make up for different eyes.

1. Round Eyes

Begin by drawing an angular line from the outer corner of your eye. Start lining your eyes a little away from the inner corner of your eye, leaving about 1/4th of the space empty. Then draw a gradually thickening line from the center of your eye, to the end so that it meets the angular line. Round eyes are better suited to a smaller cat eye, which gives the appearance of elegance, without minimizing the size of your eyes.beautiful eye make up 01

2. Almond eyes

Most make up artists consider the almond eye shape a blessing, because it allows all the make up to be visible. Start your cat eye make up by marking where the ‘tail’ will end on either side. Apply your liner from the inner corner of your eye all the way to the tail and fill it in. Let the liner get thicker gradually, but not so thick that it will disappear into the folds of your eyes. Load up on the mascara to let your eyes sparkle.beautiful eye make up 02

3. Small eyes

Many of us stay away from excessive eye make up because we feel our eyes will look even smaller than they actually are. Beat this presumption by making your liner super thin and letting it thicken only when it reaches the end. Keep your cat tail curvy and small, and remember to skip the kajal. Go over your lower lash line with a nude or white liner instead.beautiful eye make up 03

4. Big eyes

Go bold and extravagant with the cat tail. Make it curvy or structured depending upon the occasion, and make sure the liner is thick and glossy because your eyes can take it! Tight line your top lid gently to create an impact of black and bring on the mascara. Since your eyes are big, they can take a line or two of kajal, but keep it within the lash line so your eyes don’t protrude.beautiful eye make up 04

5. Droopy eyes

Also known as ‘hooded’ eyes, the trick her is to line the eyes without letting them appear droopier. First, use a little white liner in the inner corners to brighten your eyes up. Start with the thinnest line of liner a little away from the inner corner of your eye. Keep it very thin till it reaches the tail end, where it can then be thickened marginally. Remember to keep the tail as straight as possible so the eye appears more open.beautiful eye make up 05

A cat eye is one of the simplest liner styles a beginner can attempt. Use a step a step by step method and don’t tug on the skin of your eyes, which can sometimes distort proportions. Keep a cotton bud with a little lotion or remover handy for quick fixes.




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